For sanitation in Ahmedabad district, 2.50 lakh soap by Nirma

Doctors consider frequent hand washing to prevent corona infection as a panacea to prevent this dreaded infectious disease. We use different types of sanitizers for hand hygiene. But for the poor at the lower strata of society, today’s soap is their sanitizer. Often even clay becomes their sanitizer due to lack of soap. However, caution should be exercised to use soap or sanitizer to avoid corona fever. Ordinary people also use soap because of the high cost of sanitizers. But even soap is out of their reach for these beggars of the society. Recognizing the importance of soap in the Koro era, Karshanbhai Patel, a well-known industrialist and founder of Nirma Industries, has donated Rs 2.50 lakh to the Ahmedabad district administration. The soap will be distributed free of cost and hand-delivered by the district administration to the needy poor, slum dwellers of the district. Through which the common poor person will be able to take full care of his and his family’s hygiene.