Praveen Vaghela feeding roti kheechadi to 1 thousand hungry people

Business and employment are shifting to cities, with lockdowns forcing businesses to shut down in Ahmedaba, Gujarat. Voluntary organizations, donors and service-minded individuals are continuously doing sevayagna to soothe the stomachs of the people by arranging meals on their own.

Praveenbhai Vaghela, a service-minded man of the village, is busy with the noble intention of providing food to the needy people of the village.

He had been thinking from day one of the lockdown that he had nothing left to do for the poor and expatriate workers, and with the guidance and co-operation of the villagers and community leaders, he began the meal service.

Approximately 200 to 1000 people are taking advantage of this uninterrupted food yajna which has been going on for the last 30 days morning and evening. With the help of 15 people from Praveenbhai Vaghela’s circle of friends, different types of cooking like Rotla, Rotli, Shaak, Khichdi-Kadhi, Ladu etc. are being prepared and served to the people every day.

Praveen Bhai Vaghela, who has done an excellent job in human service, says, “Many service-minded people from the village are constantly standing by my side and rendering services on foot. Without their cooperation, it would have been difficult for me to start this service. With financial support, you never have to worry about food. ”

Many families from Bavala village and surrounding industries get a full meal and they express their joy and happiness.