BJP celebrate Good Governance Day, 25 December, but Modi-Rupani’s misrule for farmers


Gandhinagar, 22 December 2020

Gujarat BJP state president CR Patil has announced that on December 25, 2020, the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee will be celebrated as Good Governance Day. Prime Minister Narendra da. Modi will address the people of the entire country about the interest of farmers and the importance of the Agriculture Bill for farmers.

Under the Krishi Sahay Nidhi Yojana, Rs 18000 crore will be deposited in the accounts of 9 crore farmers. The BJP government at the Center is dedicated to the poor and farmers with the goal of Antyodaya. Describe the poor and farmer welfare schemes and achievements of the government in each rural area of ​​Gujarat. They said.

Bharat Zala, the farmer leader of Gujarat, who exposed BJP. Shocking details of farmers have been released. Which has also been presented before the Supreme Court of the India.

Modi and Rupani older than Supreme Court

On July 6, 2017, the Supreme Court ordered that an agriculture policy be put in place by December 31, 2017 to prevent farmer suicides. The Government of Gujarat and the Government of India have not yet formulated any policy for this. But the affidavit was also not filed in the Supreme Court. The Government of India has not complied with the order of the Supreme Court.

5,000 farmers committed suicide in Modi rule

Zala said that after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister, 600 farmers and farm laborers committed suicide in Gujarat in 2014. 301 farmers and farm laborers committed suicide in 2015 and 408 in 2016. In 3 years, 1300 farmers have lost their lives. Which is an average of 433 farmers a year. According to him, by 2020, 3000 farmers have committed suicide in 7 years. In the 10 years leading up to the end of Modi’s rule, 4330 to 5 thousand farmers may have committed suicide. How can it be called good governance? He said.

Manmohan is better than Modi

Thus how they have the right to celebrate good governance. Do not understand it. In fact, suicide should not happen in Gujarat. If there is good governance. In the country, 11,772 farmers committed suicide under Manmohan Singh’s 2013 Congress government. But under Modi’s rule, it rose to 12,360 farmers who committed suicide. In 2015, 12,602 farmers lost their lives and in 2016, 11,370 farmers lost their lives.

1.25 lakh farmer suicides in the country under Modi rule

It can be said from these figures that from 2014 to 2020, at least 77 thousand and mostly 90 thousand farmers have committed suicide in 7 years. In the total 10 years by the end of his rule, 1.10 lakh to 1.25 lakh farmers would have lost their lives without government assistance. No previous government has suffered so much. How to talk about good governance and how to do it, Zala said.

What is the solution?

Zala said that farmers commit suicide mostly due to their poor economic condition. Therefore what Swaminathan Committee has said should be implemented. If this happens, suicides can be reduced and agricultural income can be increased.

In Gujarat, farmers take the largest cotton crop. “Farmers are not getting enough support price because it costs those more to grow cotton,” he said.

Loss of farmer support price for 2019-20 – one hectare

1- Cost of tillage, fertilizer, seeds Rs. 6800

2- The salary of two members of the household is Rs.480.

3- Worker’s salary Rs. 250 as per Rs. Is 5000

4- Loan interest Rs.14647

The total cost per hectare is Rs 2,18,047.

If 180 mana of cotton is harvested per hectare, the cost of 20 kg is Rs 1211.

According to the Swaminathan committee calculation, by adding 50 percent profit to the cost, farmers should get the price of 20 kg of cotton at Rs 1816.50.

Get Rs.800 to Rs.1200.

Farmers have to bear this cost if there is more or less rain in cotton, if there is disease, even if cotton does not grow. Now the government has stopped insurance and is providing assistance.


Bharat Zala said that a dharna would be organized in Ahmedabad soon to resolve the farmers’ issues and support the movement in Delhi. Police approval will be sought. If the Rupani’s police does not give permission, we will apply to the Gujarat High Court and obtain permission. The BJP government does not allow anyone to speak in Gujarat.

People of Gujarat have requested to send their name, address and mobile number to 9979099881 to join the Gharana rally. So that the number of picketing will be approved in that way. he said.

There is no benefit from black law

Instead of reducing the number of farmer suicides, Kriti Sangathan filed a special application in the Supreme Court in 2019 for guidance. To which the central government has not given any answer. 3 The farmers do not benefit from bringing black laws.

Modi is not a patriot

If BJP leader Narendra Modi is a true patriot, then agriculture policy should be formulated first. Debt relief, full compensation of crop losses, increase in agricultural budget, support price according to Swaminathan, farmers will be saved only when the Agriculture Commission is set up immediately by the Central and BJP governments. This is not possible with 3 black laws.

In true sense, if the country is devout, a permanent Kushi policy should be formulated to prevent farmers from committing suicide. Farmer Bharat Zala of Gujarat and Center of Civil Research and Struggle said. (Translated from Gujarati)