Gujarat Congress will agitate in villages to withdraw black agricultural laws


Gandhinagar, 12 January 2020

The egoistic BJP government at the Center granted a stay to the Supreme Court against the unconstitutional of 3 agricultural laws. The decisions which state that these laws were unconstitutionally enforced. It is not enough for the Supreme Court to stay. It should be withdrawn. Therefore, Congress will fight in the villages of Gujarat to put pressure on the government and support the farmers’ struggle. Agriculture is a state subject. In which Modi government has made a law in violation of the constitution. I welcome the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court on these three laws which have given a boost to the East India Company. This was said by Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Paresh Dhanani.

The saffron government of BJP had suppressed farmer’s leaders in Gujarat so that they do not agitate. The saffron British captured the eyes of peasants by reminding them of the white British. Was threatened Kisan Nayak was bet in the police station.

On 26 January, the farmers were to march in Delhi, for this reason Modi was going to suffer heavily.

Leader of the Opposition Paresh Dhanani said that Congress has supported the demand of farmers. The Congress will take up the issue from the villages to the roads and fight against the BJP and the Modi government.

The Bharatiya Janata Party government had unconstitutionally passed 3 laws to enrich a handful of industrialists. The Supreme Court today banned anti-farmer laws.

Unfortunately, the people-elected government, following an unconstitutional tradition, conspired to enrich a handful of traders by passing anti-country, black laws.

With these laws, cheaper prices for farmers are a thing of the past. Agricultural products have to be looted at the cost of water. Profits and inflation continue to rise. Big companies will cheat the farmer. Small traders are about to be unemployed. Employment of farm laborers is to be snuffed out.

250 markets of Gujarat’s 20,000 crore rupees land will be sold. Collectivism and black marketing will wreak havoc across the country. Court doors are also going to be closed to farmers.

Millions of farmers have been demonstrating on the Delhi boarder on the road for 60 days in the cold to get rid of the black law. Yet why the stomach of this anti-farmer government is not shaking? This is now a question in the mind of the whole country.

In the coming days, the government should repeal all three black laws unconstitutionally with immediate effect, if even a little embarrassment.

If the government does not repeal these three black laws, then farmers will not get the price for their produce in the coming days.

Consumers will have to bear the brunt of inflation. Then in the coming days, the Congress Party will take the Bharat Bachao Abhiyan to the village at the national level and state level to save the producers and consumers. Leader of the opposition Paresh Dhanani said.