Haley Pandya, playing a role in the Gujarati film “Kachuful”

Emerging artist

Amadavad, 24 September 2020
Ahmedabad’s girl Haley’s Gujarat feature film -Kachuful- is about to release. Whose dubbing has just been completed. She has received roles in other Gujarati films. Which will be released later.

Boys and girls, big and small, were all playing on the porch of the house. But not now. Children are not seen playing games like Napoleon, Four Hand and Twenty, Catchful, which are usually fun. Ina, Meena, Dika, Tika, Zika are not playing. Napoleon games have now turned into video games. Haley has been remembering all this for years. Even on the small screen of Doordarshan. Now she is coming on the big screen. Is this a children’s game story or something?

Haley Pandya
As a child, she was fond of campaigns from the age of 7-8. Artist Hely Pandya has become the center of attraction for the campaign as a budding artist.
Hely Pandya is reaching the pinnacle of fame as a child actor working in plays as well as television serials.

Has worked in two serials and around 50 UNICEF live shows.

While traditional children’s games take place, Haley brings them to life on screen. She did an amazing job in reviving such a forgotten game on Doordarshan. The serial drew attention from childhood activities by campaigning in forgotten sports. The artist is at the pinnacle of success today.

Hello Zindagi

Doordarshan’s Hello Zindagi serial played an important role in highlighting the passion for children’s mobiles and childhood. It has attracted a lot of attention since the beginning, playing an important and important role in UNICEF’s campaign to spread awareness about child marriage and education.

folk songs

Journalist Beldi is the son of Harshal Pandya. Campaign art has attracted the attention of filmmakers and playwrights. In Rajkot too, she performed folk songs and performed them in front of the new generation.

Nimesh Desai

Hely, who learned acting under the guidance of Nimesh Desai, is today gaining prominence as an emerging and promising young Gujarati artist. A new name is emerging for the arts sector and campaign sector of Gujarat. She is working on several projects. In which Hely Pandya’s campaign will be seen.