10,000 crore GST scam of Sony’s Bullion Jewelers gang in Gujarat

Amadavad, 7 January 2020

The Central GST wing of Ahmedabad has arrested Bharat Bhagwandas Soni (Shukan Smile City, New Ranip, Ahmedabad) in a fake billing scam. Made fake bills of Rs 2435.96 crore and took fake input credit of Rs 72.25 crore for the purchase of gold, silver and diamonds and jewelery. Consisting of 200 jewelers in the city, well-known jewelers are going underground.

The court of Additional Chief Metro Magistrate of Ahmedabad has sent him to the Sabarmati Central Jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

According to GST department estimates, fake billing scam of Rs 10,000 crore could result in fake input tax credit of Rs 300 crore.

Based on the information received by the Central GST, Bharat Sony was investigated and found to have obtained input tax credit of crores by collusion with various bullion traders of the city and preparing fake bill of thousands of crores.

The father-in-law was making fake bills, the son-in-law used to bring customers. Main India Sony opened 6 different firms. Which was in the name of his family.

6 different generations opened by Bharat Soni in the name of family members

Firm name firm owner relationship
Ghanshyam Jewelers – India Sony Self
Kanishka Jewelers – Son of Bhavin Soni
Deep Jewelers – Dipali Patadia’s daughter
N.S. Enterprise – Nitin Patadia’s son-in-law
SA Jewelery – Shweta Patadia’s daughter
B-2 James – Adarsh ​​Patia’s son-in-law

His son-in-law Nitin and Adarsh ​​were looking for people who needed bills. They used to charge 2500 to 3000 rupees on fake bill.

Sarafa formed a gang of jewelers who would periodically show crores of rupees worth of business and create fake bills based on their banking transactions. In the name of these six generations only, fake bills of Rs 2435.96 crore were prepared. Based on which fake input tax credit of Rs 7.2.25 crore has been obtained in the name of these firms.

The names of some of Mumbai’s merchants have been revealed.

Well known jewelers of Gujarat are involved in this scam. All these people formed a syndicate and created fake bills of crores by showing transactions inside the purchase of gold-silver, diamonds and jewelery.

As per preliminary estimates, the remaining members of the syndicate have come together to generate fake bills of Rs 7,250 crore and input credits of Rs 210 crore. The government must have lost money.

The big heads involved in this serious billing scam of over Rs 10,000 crore are the bullion traders of Ahmedabad city. They all formed a syndicate and prepared fake bills to sell gold, silver and diamond to each other.

In fact, there would have been no physical transaction or distribution of such transactions. On the other hand, by introducing this fake bill, a fake input tax credit was obtained from the government.

The bill was generated and an input tax credit of Rs 72 crore was collected incorrectly. Authorities obtained a large number of fake billing statements from her home. An incorrect input tax credit of Rs 210 crore was obtained. Which is under investigation.

The possibility of involvement of some officers, including chartered accountants, cannot be ruled out.