How was 92 year old Corona freed in Bhavnagar? What was in his mind?

How was 92 year old Corona freed in Bhavnagar? What was in his mind?

Bhavnagar, 16 April 2020

Corona-Covid-19 causes more harm to infected people over the age of 70. The death toll for those over 70 is high all over the world, but the opposite is true in Bhavnagar. This is a unique record for the country.

He was discharged from Sir Takhat Singhji General Hospital on April 16, 2020 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, after three Corona patients recovered. The patients were welcomed by doctors and support staff at the pleasure of defeating Corona.

Holi- fun
Razakbhai, a 92-year-old who lives in the Vadava area of ​​Bhavnagar city, has a great deal of excitement for the youth. Intensive treatment, excellent service to the system and strong morale of Razakbhai were done. He was admitted on 28 March 2020. The victory over Corona was achieved. Even at the age of 92, Razakbhai has a youthful swing and vigor.

Razakbhai escapes from the hospital talking Sher-Shayari
Razakbhai was constantly striving to keep himself and others happy during the treatment and regularly practiced yoga and took care of his health. No lines of anxiety or fear were ever seen on his face. That is why when Razakbhai was discharged from the hospital, he spoke Shayari and then left to go home.

Excellent staff
By winning his best performance, Bhavnagar’s health team has proved history by showing how capable the government’s health services are in fighting the corona. Regarding the medical staff of the government hospital, Razakbhai said, “All the staff here is very simple and helpful to the patient in everything. Even in the smallest matters, the medical staff here has taken care of me best. Doctors, nurses have been attending my service as often as I need. I thank everyone and the whole system for taking such great care of an elderly person like me.”