Fertilizer made from cow dung increases 20 percent production beneficial for farmers

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । allgujaratnews.in । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । allgujaratnews.in । Gujarati News ।

The effect of organic manure made from Rabari-organic manure on agricultural crops was tested in the fields of farmers of Anand-Borsad. In which PROM, Grade 3 and Rootguard M3 products were tested. 17 medium and marginal farmers from 11 villages of Anand were selected.

Fertilizer was given in 2019-2010 as per the standards set for the land by Anand Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya and Indian Council of Agricultural Research. In which Sudhan brand products were used in banana, cotton, paddy, wheat, brinjal, chilli, tomato, papaya, castor crops. The 400–500 meter plot compared both where used and where not used.

Cotton production increases by 36.1 percent

After delivering these products on schedule, it was found that there was a 14.7 percent gain in the production of plant stalks, fruits, ginseng, spikes and crops. Cotton production increased by 36.1 percent. All on average saw a 26.1 percent increase. Roots, leaves, heights, flowers, fruits were found to work well for the improvement of NDDB.

20% increase in fertilizer production

Chemical Fertilizer APK – Nitrodone can be obtained from 4.5% of total phosphorus and potash consumption. By using Rabri in Gujarat, Rs 600 crore of manure can be saved. Micronutrients can be obtained from 0.4% Rabri manure.

It is possible to save 30% of the chemical fertilizer used in Gujarat. However, currently 50 percent of it is used in agriculture. The use of fertilizers made by adding germs and elements in the field has increased production by 20 percent. The liquid form of this fertilizer contains 2.0 percent iron, 0.5 percent manganese, 8 percent zinc, 0.5 percent copper and 0.5 percent boron.

Story of Dr. Varghese & his inovation

Dreamer Dr. Varghese Kurien put India in milk-crisis in terms of milk production in the world. He held many positions during his lifetime. Founder of Kheda District Milk Producers Cooperative Society (Amul) from 1950 to 1973, founder of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation from 1973 to 1983 and M.D. Were. The Congress government helped them all.

Remained as Chairman of NDDB. Irma was the chairman. He was also the President of the National Co-operative Dairy Federation of India. Not all of these positions were important to him, but he gave them to the farmers and herders of India. Small things have been globalized. He has made India proud in the world. Now his very story is moving through cow dung.

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