Gujarat, 1 crore people deal with govt, public service centers is money centers

Gandhinagar, 14 April 2021
Regarding the 350 public service centers in Gujarat, Revenue Minister Kaushik Patel said that services have been started from one place to the citizens quickly and easily through single window system, ATVT portal. 4 crore people have clashed with the government in 4 years.

A total of 305 services are provided in all 251 talukas with 339 public service centers and 414 one-day services. Among them, 22 services are provided free of charge. BJP’s Rupani government takes money from the people for the remaining 283 government jobs. In fact, since people pay tax, these services should be a service in the true sense. There should be no fundraising centers.

Out of over 36 million applications received through technology through 1 April 2016, 98.6% of applications have been disposed off prematurely.

The state government has taken a revolutionary decision to make non-agriculture permission in the state online and transparent. Applicant has to register on and submit the application and affidavit online. Apart from this, the sample number of the village The details of 6, 7, 12 should not be attached in any revenue record.

The required fee will have to be paid online along with the application. The state level pre-examined the online application of 8 former verification officers and prescribed three channels named green, yellow and red for disposal time, which are sent online for disposal in the district as per the rules of application in the district. .

Online token system has been introduced from April 24, 2020. The parties present at the Sub-Registrar’s office with the original document of the date and time of the token appointment.