Fever, Cancer Nut grow on farmers’ fences, many wonderful uses

जीस को Gajga (गजगा), Karanju (करानजु), Kat-kaleji (कटकलेजी), Kat karanj (कटकरंज), Panshul (पांशुल), Pattil (पट्टिल), Putik (पूतिक), Putikaranj (पूतिकरंज), Gataran, Karanju, karanjwa, katuk ranja, Kuberakshi (कुबेराक्षी) कहते है।
जीस को Gajga (गजगा), Karanju (करानजु), Kat-kaleji (कटकलेजी), Kat karanj (कटकरंज), Panshul (पांशुल), Pattil (पट्टिल), Putik (पूतिक), Putikaranj (पूतिकरंज), Gataran, Karanju, karanjwa, katuk ranja, Kuberakshi (कुबेराक्षी) कहते है।

Gandhinagar, 23 December 2020

Fever Nut grow on farmers’ fences. Many wonderful uses. There are good plants to grow in the fence. There has been research abroad on how it can be put to good use in dissolving malaria and cancer cells and tumors of the body.

The seeds are brown in color, look like eyeballs, the Sanskrit name is Kuberakshi. Which means Kubera, the Hindu god of the rich. Which is known as fever. Pea is a family plant. Seeds like diamonds have a tough nature like diamonds.

Kuberakshi Cisalpinia bonduc, Fever Nut – Cassalpinia bondus which belongs to the Cisalpiniaceae family. Castlepinia crista was used in every house in Gujarat. It no longer matters. Because it was an easily accessible vine. Grows in dry and moist deciduous forests, coastal areas, inland forests, and secondary forests. 5-7.5 long and 4.5 cm. Are seeds.

Name in Hindi

Jesus is called Gajga (Gajga), Karanju (Karanju), Kat-kaleji (Katkaleji), Kat karanj (Katkaranj), Panshul (Panshul), Pattil (Pattil), Putik (Putik), Putikaranj (Putikranj), Kuberakshi (Kuberakshi) is.


A perennial evergreen vine that grows with a base like a vine. It is so hard when it bears fruit and after it becomes yellow it ripens that a hammer or stone has to be used to break it. Like a walnut. The square or hard hard fruit or nut is called kachchio or sagargota. Where there is water, it happens. It is very bitter. Known for antibacterial properties.

Useful for fever and stomach

Ajmo, Sanchal and Kachka meej powder are taken in equal parts and taken for 8 days in the morning, stomach worms are removed. Then there is hunger, gas, feces, abdominal pain, ringworm, fever, bloating, skin, acne. Lose weight because it controls estrogen levels. Recommended for the treatment of psoriasis, cough, arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, ulcers.

Use of powder in many diseases

Applying castor oil on the wound and applying its dried leaves provides relief. Fry the Kachnia a little and make its pulp powder. A spoon is used as a medicine in many diseases in the morning and evening. Whose seed oil is useful in intravenous diseases. Powder with pepper (1: 3 ratio) can be obtained by taking one teaspoon with honey. For asthma it is done with honey.

Excellent medicine for gynecology

It is a blessing for women. Irregular periods, infertility are very popular in Tamil Nadu for the treatment of fibroids. Cures acne. Helps reduce pain during periods. It also controls irregular menstrual cycle.

Useful in cancer

Useful for relieving various types of cancer. Is anti-bacterial. The leaves are used because of their anti-tumor properties. Its extract can reduce the size of the tumor, the proportion of tumor cells and the size of tumor cells.

The leaves contain phenolic components such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, lignans, cupermin, stylibin, quinones, and curcuminoids. Due to these chemical components, leaves have antibacterial properties.

Ethanol extracts have a good property of antimalarial properties. Highly antidiarrheal properties so it can be used for any stomach problem.

What do science and experiments on mice say

Antiestogenic properties

There is also antifertility action.

Has antiviral properties. Can effectively fight the virus.

Seed ethanol extracts have antifungal properties that effectively fight Litomosides carine. Is a macrophilic drug.

Consuming 1 gram of extract for 42 days helps in reducing microfilamentia in the body.

The extracts have antihypercholesterolemic properties. When it is given to diabetic mice, it induces streptozotocin and shows antihypertensive triglyceridia effects.

Anti inflammatory property

Helps treat anti-inflammatory or gout and is used in granuloma sec methods.

A 250 mg / kg intake of extracts has a good effect on the granuloma pouch model.

Antioxidant properties help reduce the effects of free radicals on the body. It also helps in reducing oxidative stress. Helps to boost the immune system. Helps protect the body from various diseases.


Has anti-diabetic properties; It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in the body. It is also used to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, such as fatigue, increased urination, increased thirst, weight loss, wound healing, and blurred vision. Soak walnuts one night, then eat walnuts in the morning and drink that water too. Check the sugar level after repeating this process for 15 days. This will help maintain insulin levels in the body so that it lowers blood sugar levels. (translated from Gujarati)