Import of 1000 lakh tons of crude oil in Gulf of Kutch, destruction of life if dropped, Rupani did not clean the sea

Gandhinagar, 1 December 2020

In the Marine Century of Gujarat Kutch, there is a high possibility of oil spill due to an accident in a cargo ship. If a large amount of oil spills, then in few minutes millions of marine lives could be killed.

457 square kilometers of marine century and 163 square kilometers of marine life in national parks. There are sea grasslands, islands, bays, salt agar, cherry forest, coral reefs, beaches, marshes, rocky shores. 108 types of algae, 8 types of cherries, 70 types of blue coral, 49 types of hard coral, 23 types of soft coral,  27 types of shrimp, 27 types of shrimp, 30 types of crabs, 200 types of fish, 8 There are types of sea turtles, 94 types of water birds, 78 types of land birds. The coral reefs of the Gulf of Kutch can be crossed on foot. The living paradise of the sea can end in minutes.

oil spills in the Gulf

Of the total 27 single point imports of India’s crude oil, 11 are in the Gulf of Kutch alone. That is 41%. From 12 months to 2019, India’s crude oil imports stood at 212.4 million tonnes. Is imported into the Gulf of Kutch. Reliance is the main one. Cargo ship accidents are more likely to cause oil spills. If a large amount of oil was spilled, in a few minutes millions of lives could be killed.

Chief Minister’s talks

On December 21, 2016, the Chief Minister announced that the Gulf of Kutch would be cleared. The sea will be clear. Which has come till the end of 4 years. However, the 7300 sq km sea of ​​Kutch has not been cleared, for which Chief Minister Vijay Rupani cannot get one liter of water. They just talk, do nothing to clear the sea. The sea is not easy to clean. The Sabarmati River, which flows under the city of Ahmedabad, talks of clearing the sea where they have not been able to clear the world’s most polluted river.

Talks about cleaning the sea

During the National Pollution Response Exercise organized by the Indian Coast Guard in the Gulf of Kutch, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced full cooperation to the Coast Guard to curb pollution at sea. The statement said that the sea would be made clean like a clean India. He also said that the Gulf of Kutch is also important in terms of security. Again, the work of conserving water as well as marine resources is commendable. Talked about development of Gujarat port for Sagarmala project.

Coast Guard

Eco-sensitive has the role of 250 Indian Coast Guard personnel in protecting the biological resources of the Gulf of Kutch and the maritime border.

Bay 20 to 60 feet deep

If oil spills into the sea by accident, the Gulf of Kutch covers 7350 square kilometers. Which is 20 to 60 meters deep water. Its length is 170 kg. The width is 75 kilometers near the mouth. There are ports like Kandla and Mundra from where 74% of India’s total crude oil is imported.

Reliance and Essar

Reliance and Essar Refinery in the Gulf of Kutch. If oil spills or pollutes the water, mangroves and coral bats are also found in the Gulf of Kutch, which can destroy its biological resources. It is the responsibility of the nodal agency for the Indian Coast Guard.

Big business

Reliance, Essar, Adani, L&T, SAIL, Hazira, Axel, Nirma, IPC. The companies have started their own businesses on the coast for shipbuilding.

Lepta fish

The Gulf of Kutch is rich in marine life from Dwarka to Navlakhi. There is a muddy area in the Gulf of Kutch. Where lepta fish is found in abundance. Industries and port operations are spread near the Gulf of Kutch. All these factors have caused damage to marine resources and the environment.


There are 2 pollution control vessels, 2 offshore patrol vessels, 2 interceptor boats, 2 fast patrol boats, 2 Air Force aircraft, 1 helicopter. ICG Pollution Control Vessel (PCV) ICGS c. The Seed Fast Patrol vessels are ICGS Arinjay and interceptor boats ICGS C-401, C-152, C-313 and C-116. The oil is collected and disposed of by the heli seamer. Oil is prevented from spreading even when there are tidal waves.