India will buy two Falcon AWACS systems from Israel

The Indian Defense Ministry may take it and finalize the agreement with Israel soon. Under the agreement, Israel will supply two Falcon Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AVACS) to India. There has been a lot of talk between India and Israel about the price of this deal before. However, given the bilateral threat, pressure is mounting on India to finalize the agreement quickly. Israel’s Falcon AWACS will be mounted on top of Russia’s Ilyusin-76 heavy lift aircraft.

According to sources, the deal has been discussed in the ministry and will soon be submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Security for final approval. The Indian Air Force operates three Falcons Avakas from Pel. He enlisted in the Indian Air Force between 2009 and 2011. According to sources, the two Avakas that are in talks to buy from Israel will be more powerful than the previous three Falcons. It will be able to keep an eye on many types of flying objects over long distances.