India set up warship in South China Sea amidst secrecy, continued contact with US

Delhi: The Indian Navy has taken a major step after China’s incursion into the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. A warship has been sent to the South China Sea. The People’s Liberation Army of China objected to the Navy. Since 2009, China has greatly expanded the region using military and artificial islands. The Chinese Navy claims that most of the South China Sea covers its territory. The US Navy also deployed its destroyers and frigates in the South China Sea. During the deployment of their warships here, Indian warships were in constant contact with the US.

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The entire mission was carried out in secret so that public glare was not created. Deployed its advance ships to monitor Chinese naval activity in the Malacca Strait. The Chinese Navy enters the Indian Ocean by this route. The Indian Navy is also monitoring Chinese ships around the Djibouti region.

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The Navy deployed the MiG-29K fighter aircraft at the Air Force Base. The Navy has also deployed its MiG-29K fighter jet at an important base of the Air Force. Navy 10 Naval Shipborne is also working on the purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles. A deal of Rs 1,245 crore is expected for it.

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