Ahmedabad Corporation will rent houses to prevent migration of laborers


The central government has announced an important plan to stop the migration of workers. The vacated government accommodation will be used for migrant labor. Benefit will be given under Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scheme. The Central Government has given detailed guidelines for this scheme to AMC. The scheme will be implemented in 2 different ways. The existing accommodation will be tendered to a private agency through PPP model. The private agency will be able to rent out new housing on its own land.

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Emphasis is placed on planning for migrant workers to be found in the workplace. The state government will announce the amount of rent in the calculation day. AMC AD City Engineer Harpalsinh Zala said that there are migrant laborers in the city who work in different industrial units in the city. The Affordable Rental Housing Complex Scream has been put in place by the Central Government for such approvals. The guideline has also been given to AMC.

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Under the guideline, an estimated 1400 houses will now be allotted on PPP basis for various housing schemes created by AMC. The tender process is also being conducted by AMC. Apart from this, any developer will also build accommodation on the land and rent it to tourist approvers on PPP basis. AMC will formulate a policy to determine the rent of accommodation.

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