After the Operation Flood of Amul and NDDB, now the cow dung revolution has started

Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।
Amul Navi Kranti । AGN । । Gujarati News ।

Dr. Varghese Kurien, the pioneer of the milk revolution in India, never drank milk, because he did not like milk. After the white revolution of milk production by Amul and NDDB, now a new revolution has started with cattle dung (dung of cow or buffalo; mettle, courage, spirit.). This revolution is likely to generate more economic income for the economic well-being of women. He conducted experiments in two villages of Gujarat, which were successful. This revolution is from cow dung to field. Which completes one full cycle of white revolution. In this new revolution, NDDB has brought an amazing cycle, which can increase the income of domestic stoves, compost rubber and agricultural production by 20-26 percent. Which is associated with the milk revolution. White revolution is moving forward. The implementation of this entire scheme will begin as a cooperative society according to the Amul pattern. Government of India is taking interest. Will be implemented from next session.

Which is a biogas revolution. If every animal protector implements this, then 3 crore people in rural areas of Gujarat will get free gas. Later it will be applicable all over India. Women of Gujarat can earn daily income of Rs 20 to 50 crores by selling cow dung rubber.

Natural farming

In addition, the use of dung derived from rubber-gases in agriculture can increase agricultural production by 20 to 26 percent. Which can benefit billions of rupees. Also, 600 crore rupees can be saved by not using chemical fertilizers. Fully natural farming will be possible. The whole is a bicycle, operated by women. This new revolution is being done by women. The entire cooperative structure has been prepared by NDDB which will be implemented by Amul. The implementation will take place in a few days after the corona epidemic subsides.

Farm revolution

Dr. Kurien spent his entire life in an unfamiliar place. He worked day and night to create the India of his dreams. His work started soon after the country became independent. His dream was for India to get rid of hunger and poverty and become a leading nation in the world. Those days are coming now. Because a new revolution of home and farm is coming from milk.

Freedom of women

After the milk revolution in Gujarat, now the revolution of gas cattle dung industry is going to start. Their entire cow dung industry is about to start. Out of 2.70 crore dairy cattle in Gujarat, there are 99 lakh cows and 1 crore buffalo. With the exception of 40 percent waste manure, an average of 10 kg of manure can be obtained. 200 million kilograms of manure can be obtained daily. A new business is now starting with cow dung. Which is as important as the White Revolution. Because it is associated with the White Revolution, but also with the emancipation of women.

What is the revolution?

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