Jayesh Patel of Milk City Anand extracts milk by listening to music to the H.F. cow

Gandhinagar, 18 March 2021

Jayeshbhai Shambhubhai Patel, a 50-year-old cattle rancher and farmer of Jarola village in Borsad taluka of Anand, is considered an animal husbandry scientist. They look at everything related to animals from a scientific point of view in milk city, Anand. Jayeshbhai, who studied 12th, today teaches scientists. For 17 years, he was an H.F. Cows breeder and trade milk. They also do farming.

He has performed musical experiments on his 15 cows. They play music while milking the cow. In this way they do not get a lot of milk, but when a cow listens to music, it has no antibody marks left. The cow gives 240 to 260 liters of milk in 24 hours.

Cow tapping with music

There is benefit in blood circulation when the music is playing. The cow enjoys it. Antibody loss stops. Milk comes out of the heart, not through force. The cow gets a setup change.


They have kept 15 cows. Animal husbandry has been developed as a business. Breeds develop in Jesus. In a year, 5-6 cows are prepared and sold.

Milk decreases as the weather changes.

Milk production decreases due to climatic effects. Milk production fluctuates when there is no moisture or no moisture. Moisture increases the water content of milk.


Amla powder is given to cows for protein. So the energy increases. Which prevents ACDT bacteria from growing. Bacteria act as methane enhancers. When water increases in the cow’s body, urine is increased by giving rock salt. If bacteria continues on the stomach, then diarrhea will occur. Keeps fountains for cows. Creates a dry bed for the cow to sit on. Keeps a cold fan in summer. Give the cow fresh water 24 hours through the use of a bowl.

Sells local milk

Sells milk to local people throughout the year. The villagers charge 45 rupees a liter. 18 to 19 lakhs are generated in a year.

Feed yourself

Fodder – make grains yourself. Their cows feed how dry they feed. They do not trust outside grains. How many elements does a cow require that its owner knows. Only the owner knows what the cow wants. Corn is fed by hydroponic method and feeds green fodder. They keep bells to grind the grain of the cow.

Sell ​​6 cows a year

Every year 5-6 cows are sold. Breeds develop on their own. This keeps the new generation in its unit. Milk production increases with the arrival of new generation. Fertility is not reduced by the new generation. The cost of maintenance of cow is low.

Economics of manure

The government subsidizes domestic cows because, the math is that the use of manure in the field reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and the government has to give less subsidy. Desi cows are for the government’s approach. Not for animal husbandry. Who gives more milk is important. H. for the trade of milk. The F breed is good.

The reward

Cow dung is used in agriculture. But too much dung is useless. If the pH of the soil is not intact then dung is useless. Fertilizer, made by composting powder, is used for culture activity. Increases replication activity. Bacteria grow. It is multiplied into compost by processing.