Sarojben Patel increased the production of cucumber by 30 percent by collecting rainwater


Gandhinagar, 18 March 2021

Sarojben Patel is a farmer of Motidau village in Mehsana taluka, Gujarat. She works alone in the farm with her mother-in-law. She has built an underground tank of 1 lakh liters for rainwater harvesting. They are cultivated with drip irrigation from rain water. The use of this water increases their greenhouse production by 30 percent.

Sarojben Patel said TDS or pH is not high, cucumbers and Golgotha ​​flowers thrive well on stored rainwater. Mixing canal water with. The tank water has 150–200 TDS. Vegetables cannot tolerate more than 700 TDS. Cucumber sends to Rajasthan. The average fort would cost between 15 and 25.

There is a total of 20 bighas of land. Greenhouses are good if they work themselves. Sometimes damage occurs when the heat rises. Sarojben Patel said.

The loan was repaid in 12 months when the greenhouse was built. 21 lakh subsidy received. He took a loan of 30 lakh rupees and repaid it. In the first year, the net profit was Rs 12 lakh. It was used to pay off debts.

It currently produces 25 to 30 tonnes of cucumbers per hectare. It takes 3 sentences. Profit production of 4 to 5 lakhs is Rs 12 lakhs. You have to do farming yourself, so you have to hire one or two laborers. In 2016–17, the cost was Rs. 8.50 lakhs and the profit was Rs. 5.90 lakhs. Sarojben Patel said.

The remaining land is grown by Sarojben Patel for crops like cotton and orange. 2.50 cultivates on the Wigha land and organics fenugreek, onion. In organic farming, the price is more than 15 percent.

Sarojben Patel is educated upto M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.

Cucumbers in greenhouses have fewer diseases, pests. In time, get the required product with quality.