Rich people living in semi-dark age for 5 months in Shilaj, Ahmedabad, Bijli goes to cold storage

Gandhinagar, 17 June 2021
In Nandoli near Shilaj, Ahmedabad there is no electricity for 12 hours in the last 48 hours. Even after complaining on the phone several times, there was no improvement. Government officials don’t even answer. Customer Service Center picks up the phone and half listens. If there is no electricity for 24 hours in two days, then the local Shilaj lovers are now thinking of going to Gandhinagar to meet the power minister.

I want to meet the Chief Minister and want to say that you say that villages, cities, industries and farms in Gujarat get electricity 24 hours. But the Ahmedabad people here are living in the dark ages of 1952. Perhaps there is a bungalow of former Chief Minister Anandiben Patel nearby, so people are now beginning to believe that hatred is being perpetuated, local youth said.

The light came on yesterday at 7.30 pm at 8 am. The feeder was repaired on Tuesday. Then there was no electricity for 12 hours. There is no electricity in Shilaj Nandoli for the last 48 hours for 12 hours. The population of one lakh and about 900 settlements are seriously disturbed. Many senior citizens and patients are suffering due to this kind of negligence of the government.

Large storage, warehouses, and cold storage have been established in the surrounding farms. These businessmen having links with political leaders are harming the government company. The power goes out after cooling the cold storage by anchoring it to the electric wire, which does theft. The cold storage is cooled by stealing electricity, once by the electricity meter and twice by anchoring thefts. That’s why the officials don’t listen to the local people at all.

There are farmhouses around former cops, IPS, IAS officers, businessmen, and politicians. When there is a party, the electricity never goes out around. The people here have this experience of 5 years. This did not happen earlier but now it is happening for 5 to 6 months. The patriots believe that the government should form a committee of local people to find out the official cause.

Electricity Board has a separate officer and office in Shilaj. Where no one is ready to work responsibly. local people said.