Loss of crores due to white fly, a solution from the ashes by the farmer of Mehsana, Gujarat

Dilip Patel, 1 April 2022
In Gujarat, white flies are destroying 25 percent of coconut and 25 percent of cotton crops in 25 thousand hectares. Cotton, Diwali, tobacco, sunflower, brinjal, okra, chilli, cauliflower, potato, tomato, mustard, radish, lemon square, grapes, pomegranate, guava, locust, violet, mango, pomegranate, nagarvell are heavily damaged by its outbreak. .

The yield is usually 1 ton per hectare. In which white flies cause 10 to 30 percent damage. Billions of rupees are being lost due to white flies.

In Gujarat, 9 million hectares are cultivated, in which 8 million hectares are causing huge losses of 10 to 30 percent to cash crops due to white fly. Sucking white flies or machines damage perennial fields. Both insects are known as molo-machines because they are found with molo.

The body is covered with white waxy powder.

use of ashes

Bhikhabhai Dhulabhai Patel of Mehsana has found a cure for white fly.
They use ash to control white flies in crops. For the control of white flies, about 20 kg of ash is used in one field of land. When there is no wind, ash is sprayed two to three times.

The honey-like sticky substance is poisonous, which when fallen on the leaf hinders photosynthesis due to the growth of black fungus on it. As a result the growth of plants stops. Black fungus is causing problems in weaving, plowing and spinning of cotton.

With the onset of summer, the heat of the environment increases and the outbreak of these pests also increases.

Tobacco, chili, sesame, yellow veins are infected by flies.

In sugarcane crop, pale yellow bees lay eggs parallel to the middle vein.

The chicks suck the juice. so that the branches wither. In severe infestation, the leaves fall.

Late ripening fruits remain small. The flies spawn in March-April-August-September.

It is necessary to cultivate according to the seeds. The leaf has to be destroyed along with the egg.

Apply grease on the yellow net on the crop.

Predatory pests such as Chrysopa, Brumoides, Sturalis, Encarsia situphila, Prospeltella, Dahlia, Serangium paracetomus, Bahrensis, Eratoomosis are natural or biologically controlled pests.

Prospeltella lahorensis, the Formasa wasp eats white flies.

Whitefly predators and parasitic pests that damage cotton work. There are 7 predatory insects that destroy white flies. 7 species of spiders eat flies.

The natural enemies of flies are predatory ladybug beetles, chrysopa, geocorish, bromoid insects.

Neem oil, detergent powder best

According to a preliminary experiment conducted by Junagadh Agricultural University, spraying of neem oil or organic insecticides such as Beauveria bassiae 80 g per pump or Acetamipril 20 SP 5 to 6 g or Bifenthrin 10 EC 7.5 ml or Bifenthrin 10 EC 7.5 ml on young plants To do. If the insect is found, it is found to be gram or Spiromasifene 22.9 sc 15 to 20 ml.

Spraying detergent powder or stickers mixed with insecticides gives very good results.