Made a paper bed in Vapi to be used for the virus patient

Valsad, 8 May 2020
As the number of corona-infected patients increases, more beds are needed. It is very difficult to arrange a bed immediately at such a time. In addition it becomes very necessary to completely sanitize the bed in contact with the infected patient. At such a difficult time, Aryan Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. located at Vapi GIDC in Valsad district of Gujarat. Has created a cardboard bed that can be destroyed using.

Ria, daughter of Sunilbhai Shah, director of Aryan Paper Mills, is studying architecture at Harvard University in the US. He asked to focus on the contribution of Aryan Paper Mill in the epidemic of Kovid-12. Designed for the most demanding isolation bed. The cheapest, most durable and easy to change cardboard bed. What the price is is not disclosed.

Use and throw away according to WHO guidelines – use and throw This bed is made from a complete khaki carton. The design is such that the bed can be made in four minutes. Being light in weight makes it easy to handle. Can’t touch the water. So that there is no damage even if the sanitizer is sprayed frequently.

Can carry a weight of 200 kg. Even if you want to take it from one place to another, you can easily take it by opening it, the lifespan is six months.

The company has donated 200 beds to the Indian Navy, 500 to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, 100 to Daman and 100 to Selvas. As there is a factory in Gujarat, not a single donation has been made to the Gujarat government. Which goes to say.

Mumbai hotspot area has been given to 4000 people. If the Gujarat government demands, the bed will be provided at a cost. The company is producing about 700 beds daily.

After not donating the beds to Gujarat, Sunil Shah, director of Aryan Paper Mills, said, “This is an opportunity to repay the debt of the motherland.” I have the good fortune to help people. “