Madhu Srivastava, the special legislator of Prime Minister Modi, threatened to kill the journalist

Gandhinagar, 9 February 2021

Madhu Srivastava Waghodia, the domineering MLA of Gujarat BJP, has once again been embroiled in controversies. Talking to reporters, Madhu Srivastava threatened to tell a journalist. He got into controversies due to threatening media personnel in front of the camera.

If you don’t ask the question directly, I’ll show you here. I will knock people out. He should be taken care of. If you ask a direct question, I should answer it. If the rest is given in, then what is wrong with Dahiyagiri?

He had earlier tried to beat up a media person and snatch his camera over a dispute.
He had earlier told a media person, “I will listen to you now.” Let’s turn off the camera. He then tried to kill a media worker and also tried to snatch the camera.

He was angry with the BJP for not giving tickets to Madhu Srivastava’s son Deepak in the local civic elections. Then Deepak Srivastava had filed his candidature from independents.

C. R. Patil also said that no action will be taken against Madhu Srivastava.

In Vadodara, BJP candidate Ashish Joshi has accused Deepak Srivastava of taking affidavit as per rules. Therefore, according to the rules, if he has three children after 2005, his candidacy is considered void.

When we saw that, Deepak Srivastava has three children and he mentions two children. Therefore it is wrong against the rule. Deepak Srivastava has hidden the details of the child born in the year 2017. The election officer has produced evidence of three children.