Migration of laborers and now a committee will be formed to discuss

Gandhinagar, 14 May 2020
Gujarat has formed a high-level committee to make recommendations for economic reconstruction measures and fiscal-physical restructuring in the state following the Corona virus-Covid-19 situation.

Recommendations migrant labor
The Gujarat government has said that it has decided to set up a high-level committee to make recommendations for improving the economic activities of the economy, taking into account the fact that workers from other states of the country have returned to Gujarat for subsistence after conducting a comprehensive study.

The government has said that labor is an important factor for manufacturing industries to accelerate the state’s economy. As a large number of such workers have migrated from Gujarat to their home state, matters for improving the achievement arrangements of the workers have also been included in the scope of work of this committee.
According to the trade union, a total of 20 lakh laborers have left Gujarat with 4 lakh in the train.

Impact on industries
For the first time, the Gujarat government has acknowledged that the state has been widely affected in terms of economy and industrial activity. The demand and supply chain of the state economy has also been adversely affected. Not only that, but other sectors including the MSME sector have also been affected.
Sectoral-Sub Sectoral will study the economic loss and provide solutions for sector-specific restructuring.

Recommendation for budget amendment
Also included is a review of the fiscal-physical and budgetary budget situation and the suggestion of corrective measures. The committee will also make recommendations on estimates and reconsideration of the current tax structure as well as restructuring.
The committee will prepare an immediate – immediate, medium-term – short term and long term – a comprehensive action plan for revival of economic and fiscal reforms in the state’s economy.

Foreign companies will be brought
It will also make recommendations to the state government to formulate appropriate policies to attract foreign companies to invest in Gujarat who want to relocate their units from other countries. This was stated by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Who is on the committee?
Former Finance Secretary to the Government of India Dr. Hasmukh has appointed Adhiya. The 6-member committee also includes eminent experts from various economic sectors. The state government will have to report its recommendations along with the action plan within a month. The interim report will be submitted to the government in two weeks.
Former Professor of IIM Ahmedabad Prof. in the committee. Ravindra Dholakia, Renowned Tax Consultant Mukesh Patel, Financial Expert Pradip Shah, Former IAS Officer Kirit Shelat, and MD of GIDC as Member Secretary. like this. Thannarson has been appointed.