Kharek of Kutch is so sweet, make jaggery, farmer formed his company with 45 fruit juices

Gandhinagar, 12 January 2021

Velji Kurji Bhudia, a 71-year-old farmer from Kutch, made non-chemical liquid jaggery. He is the first person in the country to make natural jaggery from Kharek – raw date fruit. Liquid jaggery is patented. The laboratory was tested by making jaggery. Which saw good quality.

Made possible by israel

The native date’s jaggery and jaggery juice come in different colors. But since the arrival of Kherak of Israel in 2010, its juice has started getting better. In 2018,  liquid jaggery was started.

Veljibhai used to make jaggery from sugarcane at the age of 15. He had jaggery skills in making sugarcane jaggery. Jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice, similarly jaggery is made from the fruits of Kharek.

50 years later, he made jaggery but he made it in December 2020 with khark juice. First used to make juices. Its natural sweetness remains.

Kutch saline

Kesar Mango, Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate, Kharek have been illuminated in the Kutch name, Kutch is second in the state in fruit production. Kharek crop cultivate in June-July. Kharek is produced in 19 thousand hectares in Gujarat. In Kutch, Israel grows over 18500 hectares. 1.75 lakh tonnes are produced. Kutch Kharek leads the production. Due to deteriorating prices, farmers will no longer be affected.

Sweetened by a few drops

Only two or three drops of Kherek’s jaggery have to be taken. Kharek jaggery can be used in everything. Used in anything like semolina, tea, coffee, laddus, ciro, sweets. However, it is 10 times more expensive than other jaggery.

Useful in disease

Jaggery health is very beneficial. People with diabetes can also eat, they claim. But the doctors look at him with suspicion. Rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. Diabetic patients can enjoy healthy dishes made from this jaggery. It is not as hot as sugar cane. Increases immunity.

Beginning with Kesar Mango

He left school in 1967. Started farming without chemicals from 2001. Mango juice was packaged in 2004. The lab report was given in 2005. He obtained his license by moving to Mumbai in 2006. The first frozen chase was licensed in Gujarat. First year, 7 tonnes of mango juice was prepared.

Kesar Mango Field

He started selling agricultural products from Kesar mangoes. Bhudiya Kesar is a mango field. Bhuj-Anjar Highway, Bhujodi Railway Crossing near Bhujodi, Tal-Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India has built a hotel for food on Bhuj Highway. Mango juice was sold there. Now sells everything from there.

Sell ​​juice to village

Used to go to the village fair and sell mango juice.

Formed own company

From 2006, a glass of mangoes went from village to village for 10 rupees. After 15 years make 45 kinds of juice items. The Bhudiya brand is patented. Has formed a company. Son Harishbhai and Veljibai’s grandson Narendra Bhudia handles marketing. Veljibhai underwent training at the Satvik Institute of Bhuj in 2011-12. Bhudia Kesar Farm is one of the largest privately owned companies. The UK, USA, is the largest privately owned company exporting fresh fruits and vegetables in Africa and worldwide.

Juice launched in 2006

Thoughtful Veljibhai started farming after completing his studies. He has been an expert in increasing the value of agricultural produce over the years. Started making fruit juice in 2006. So far it is selling 45 juice pecks. Every juice is organic, including mango, pomegranate, guava, watermelon, chayambar, custard apple, amla juice, powder.

Overseas export

Provides agricultural products to various consumers across the country. Gained much popularity abroad. Care is taken to maintain the quality, taste and freshness of the fruits. Kesar makes mango, mango pieces, amla, castor, beans, amla powder, amla namkeen etc. Specialized in the cultivation and export of high quality Kesar mangoes.

All agricultural products maintain their quality, taste, freshness due to organic farming. There are no chemicals. Juice is the most recognized name in exports. There are customers across the country. Has started exporting high quality organic Kesar mangoes. Bhoodia exports fresh organic Kesar fruit, fresh Kesar mango pieces and fresh Kesar mango pulp and juice to the entire country as well as London.

Organic farming

He left school in 1967. Started farming without chemicals from 2001. Veljibhai suggested making organic liquid-biodegradable instead of chemical medicine in organic farming. The figures include use of whole plants, urine of native cows, cow dung of native cows and sour buttermilk of native cows.


Veljibhai cultivates naturally. He is the grandfather of organic farming. Organic farmers take their advice. They live in it. A barrel takes about 20 liters of urine. Cut the 10 kg Ankda plant into small pieces and put it in the barrel. Cover the mixture in the shade and stir occasionally. In 15 days the figure will melt and the liquid will be ready.

Sour buttermilk

500 grams of copper scrap wire is sliced ​​into a barrel. Ready after 40 days. It can be use on harvested throughout the year. The older this result is the better.

Pump Spraying Method

Mixed 10 liters of water, 300 grams cow urine material, 300 grams sour buttermilk, 10 grams lemon flower, fresh cow dung goes. Spray by pump before sunrise. Spray again after two days.