Modi promised but did not fulfill for 20 years, CM Patel worked

Ahmedabad, 20 April 2023
Rs 110 crore ‘Purna Tidal Regulator Dam Project’ has been started at Kasbapar in Navsari district of South Gujarat on Poorna river. Earlier it was estimated to cost Rs 200 crore. Its design and location will have to be changed. Twenty years ago, the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi had announced the construction of Tidal Dam on Purna River. Now work has started after 20 years.

Navsari city and 21 surrounding villages will benefit from the Poorna regulatory project. The project will create a huge reservoir of 18 km length. There will be 2550 lakh cubic feet water store. The water discharge of the river is estimated at 15,600 cumecs. With the completion of this project, Navsari city and 22 villages will get the benefit of fresh drinking water. Gujarat is home to water-rich rivers of Dang and Navsari, known as Cherrapunjee, but sea salinity has developed in the coastal areas like ‘thirst without well’. Tidal dams are made to deal with this problem. Villages within 13 km radius will get clean drinking water. A separate plan will be made to provide drinking water in the Kantha area here. Drinking water will be available to 4.50 lakh population of 21 villages and equal number of cattle.

4200 acres of land in 21 villages will be irrigated. The tidal water of the sea will stop entering the river. Due to this, salinity of surface and underground water and damage to agricultural fertile land will be prevented. The ground water level of the land will rise. People’s water problems will be a thing of the past. With the construction of this dam, clean drinking water will be available to the villages in an area of 18 km.

The Avilgarh Hills flows 390 km in a south-west direction from an altitude of about 60 km to Purna at an altitude of 900 m. Passing through hills and forests, it enters the plains of Purna. The total drainage area of Purna is 18,929 square kilometers.

In December 2020, Viraval village near Navsari announced plans to construct a “Complete Tidal Regulator Project” on the Poorna River at an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore. The system recommended the appointment of a consultant to the state government.

Navsari District Drainage Department has planned.

A Poorna title regulatory project was planned to be constructed at Viraval village, about 300 meters from the meeting point of the P-6 drain on the Poorna river and 600 meters from the Navsari-Maroli state highway bridge.

The process of inviting online tenders was initiated for engaging Consultancy Services for preparation of Design Maps-Estimates EPC Base DTP.

In the third attempt only one tender of Rs 53.15 lakh was received. Which was sent to the state government for approval. Earlier the technical approval of the offices had been received.

The agency started work after getting approval from the state government’s consultancy agency. In which site-design-plan-map-estimated cost etc. were made.

Land owned by some coastal villages has been destroyed by the sea. The block numbers of those villages are submerged in the river. Presently a river flows at that place. Submerged land was acquired.

The geological and survey work of the river embankment was done earlier for the conservation work of the embankment above and below the structure. 12 km upstream of the structure for construction of proposed tidal regulator at Bodhli-Alura village site. Till now the survey work in the river basin had been completed.

C.R.Z. Mapping and ‘EIA Report’ done. But due to the change of location, a change had to be made.

Gated structure will be constructed in Poorna Tidal Regulator Project. The length of the weir (dam) (ungated weir) was estimated at 300 metres.

It was the age-old feeling and demand of the local people. Governor Mangubhai had said this a year ago.

In this budget, a plan has been made to build check dams, weirs and collect rain water at a cost of Rs 500 crore.

demand since 20 years
After Modi’s public promise, there has been a demand for Tidal Dam on Purna River for the last 20 years. Although Navsari is located on the banks of the Purna River, Navsari town and surrounding villages had to depend on other sources for drinking water. That’s why the residents and villages of Navsari have been demanding for the construction of tidal dam on Purna river for years. But due to lack of political will, the work of Tidal Dam was stalled for 20 years.

Tribal Development Minister Naresh Patel has fulfilled the demand of the people of the area by building Tidal Regulator Dam in Wagharech.
BJP President MP CR Patil said that this plan has been made due to the continuous efforts of Wagharechna Dam.

approved a year ago
A year ago permission was granted to build tidal dams near Viraval and Kasba villages. The dam will be ready on Purna river in 3 years. Earlier 1500 hectares of land used to get irrigation water.

Earlier, preparations were made by the District Drainage Department to build a dam between Alora and Bodli in Purna river, 10 kilometers away from the Arabian Sea.

If a dam is built between Alora and Bodali, many villages will be submerged and more land acquisition will have to be done.

The people of the village opposed it. Due to their protest, the work of the dam remained interrupted even after the survey of the tidal dam was done. Ten years ago, there was a fresh demand for the construction of a title dam between Viraval and Kasba. Whose survey was also done and the place for the dam was fixed.

Between Amdpur and Amri There was also a survey to build a dam, but finally the state government accepted the demand to build a tidal dam on the Poorna river between Veraval and Kasba. In the 2022 budget, Rs. A provision of 345 crores was also made.

However, the technical work of the dam had stalled. Then suddenly the site for construction of Tidal Dam at a cost of Rs 150 crore was approved near Viraval and Kasba villages.

Another project – Wagharech
The ‘Waghrech Tidal Regulator Project’ under construction on the Kaveri river near Bilimora is about to be completed a year earlier. 75 Amrit Sarovars are to be built in every district of Gujarat.
The ‘Tidal Regulator Dam Project’ was launched on 15 April 2022 at a cost of Rs 250 crore on the Kaveri River at Wagharech near Bilimora in Ganadevi, Navsari. in which
3500 acres of land will be irrigated in Bilimora and 10 nearby villages. Which was to be completed by 15 April 2023. The government could not complete the work of that dam for one year.

13 km in river Kaveri and 5 km in river Kharera. 100 million cubic feet of fresh water will be stored along the length. In which the old Kharera river will be revived.

The government claims that water harvesting, irrigation and water harvesting aspects such as series of check dams, Boriband, Sujalam-Sufalam and other multi-purpose schemes, canal and pipeline network, Sauni scheme, tidal projects have raised the groundwater level in the state. in the state. Water has reached the fields of the farmers. We will realize a self-reliant India from self-reliant Gujarat.

The tidal water of the sea will stop entering the river. This will prevent salinization of surface and underground water and loss of fertile land suitable for cultivation. Wagrich Regulator Project will be a scheme to guarantee water resources.

There will be no shortage of water in future. Strengthening of existing embankment, construction of new embankment and construction of concrete retaining wall.
A weir with a 500 m long pile foundation is being constructed on the river Kaveri.
An 8 thousand 381 meter long embankment has been strengthened to protect the riverside villages of Bilimora and the surrounding villages from floods. New embankment construction and concrete retaining wall have been constructed.
In Bilimora town as well as nearby coastal villages, saline water from sea tide enters the river causing salinization of groundwater in the river and nearby bores/wells. With this, the years old demand of the people of the area has been fulfilled.

Rivers of South Gujarat
Narmada, Tapi, Par, Poorna, Ambika, Aurang, Karjan, Kaveri, Keem, Kolak, Kharera, Girata, Pidman, Gangadev-Chandni, Mindhola, Rangavali, Valmiki, Vengania.

Kharera River
The bridge built on the Kharera river was overflowed in the floods 12 years ago.
The old Kharera river will be revived. The Kharera originates from the hills of Maharashtra and Vansda taluk. The river joins the Ambika River near Belimora, a tributary of the Ambika River. Originating in the Saputara hills in Dang district, the Ambika flows north of Waghai and Chikhali and joins the Gulf of Khambhat near Gandevi. The length of this river is about 64.36 km. As much as this river irrigates paddy and sugarcane as well as horticulture areas of South Gujarat. The alluvial plains formed by this river are excellent for agriculture. The area around Gandevi is famous for sugarcane cultivation because of this river.

The Kharera river passes between Siada and Pradhanpadana. Due to lack of bridge over the river, people have to travel 8 to 9 km to reach Siyada village with a population of 1700. Animal Husbandry Business. The river can be crossed on foot from the check dam, but during monsoons, the check dam submerges, leaving people out of touch with the village.