Out of 8000 private primary schools in Gajarat state, 5500 schools do not have playgrounds, now government lands will be confiscated

The government will provide land to schools in Gujarat which do not have playgrounds for children to play. The government will help in acquiring private land where government land is not available. The government has directed to survey schools in the state which do not have a playground. According to the old survey, out of 8,000 private primary schools in the state, 5,500 schools do not have playgrounds. While out of 12,599 secondary and higher secondary schools, 6004 schools do not have a playground. 40% of schools have no playground for children.

In Ahmedabad, 1200 private schools do not have playgrounds. The government is ready to provide schools that do not have a playground and land in the surrounding area, or if there is private land, the government is ready to mediate and help the school administrator. Government schools have playgrounds, private schools do not have playgrounds.

In Ahmedabad alone, 1200 private schools do not have playground facilities. The government has decided that no school in the state should be without a sports ground. The government has also decided that when a new school is built and an administrator comes to seek recognition, it will be told in advance that the playground facility will be recognized.

25 thousand crores will be required

The city school will have to buy a ground of Rs.5.50 crores. The price of making 11 thousand schools as maina is Rs. 25 to 30 thousand crores. Where will this money come from? Government officials will take over the government land. Jesus may have a fist. School administrators have built the school on the playground itself. They will also be given notice. The government wants to clamp down on administrators who canceled the playground at the time of approval and allocated it for other activities. The Department of Education is ready to take action against these administrators.

Earlier, the department had decided that schools with an area of ​​1200 square meters would be recognized in urban areas but now this area has been reduced to 800 square meters as per the new order. The area in rural areas was earlier fixed at 2000 square meters, but now it has been reduced to 1500 square meters as per the new order.

What was before

On January 21, 2019, the government stated that 250 schools would not be allowed due to lack of grounds. The new school will not be approved in the executive meeting of the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

The school children of the city are now forgetting to play. Because they do not have a field. However, the picture of rural area is in sharp contrast. But even private-English schools developing in taluka centers or big cities are running without any basis.

As per the new rules in 2019, the institution seeking approval of the school should also have a sports ground in the name of the trust. This means that no trust can now lease the playground.

Secondary schools include Amreli 63, Anand 255, Aravali 288, Vadodara 305, Valsad 393, Chhodudepur 516, Dahod 296, Dang 217, Dwarka 256, Surat 210, Tapi 121, Kutch 315, Kheda 276, Mahisagar 444, Mehsana 94, Banaskantha 835 Are included. Bharuch 439, Bhavnagar 427, Botad 67, Morbi 184, Navsari 506, Panchmagal 588 Schools do not have grounds.

Bad condition in Narmada-Jamnagar

In Narmada, out of total 690 primary schools in the district, 411 schools do not have grounds. All schools are under the control of the District Panchayat. Students use any open space as a field. Out of 704 primary schools in Jamnagar district, 103 primary schools have no foundation.

Not a sports teacher

On the other hand, Khel Mahakumbh is being organized. If physical education teachers are not placed in primary schools, then who will teach the game to the students. The state government organizes ‘Khel Gujarat’ like Khel Mahakumbh. Athletics cannot be given a place where the school grounds of the city are too small. Most schools allocate only two hours of exercise hours per week per week. It also takes mathematics or English teachers.