Out of the 3.3 million small and medium enterprises in Gujarat, barely 1.30 lakh units were helped

Gandhinagar, 26 June 2020

Former Union Finance Secretary Drs. Gujarat self-sufficient package of Rs 14,000 crore has been announced by the government by constituting a committee headed by Hasmukh Adhia. 3 lakh MSMEs employ about 15 million people. The BJP government of Gujarat’s Vijay Rupani has been able to provide only 4% assistance. This is a major failure. Hardly a year can be given if everyone needs help.

1.30 lakh MSME units approving loan-assistance applications and Rs. With the approval of Rs 8,200 crore, the highest loan disbursement of Rs 4,175 crore has been made across the country. Hardly 50 percent of the approved amount has been received. Rupees. 6, 30, 769 has received an average of one unit.

Of the 13,000 industrial units receiving one-click support, the highest is Rs 294 crore for 6108 units in Surat and Rs 125 crore for 2086 units in Ahmedabad.