Owaisi reduce Congress office in Ahmedabad, weak opposition

Gandhinagar, 2 March 2021
Work has been started to reduce the Congress office in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Work has been started to make AIMIM a part of the Congress office. The BJP has got 160 seats in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The Congress has got 24 seats. AIMIM has got 7 seats. Independents got 1 seat. In Ahmedabad, 4 candidates of AIMIM have won in Jamalpur, while 3 candidates have won in Maktapura.

The Congress office on the fourth floor of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has been downgraded in front of the office of the Leader of the Opposition. A new cabin is being built next door. The chamber office created by toppling the Congress office may be given to the black shepherd who won from the independents. An office made up of two rooms can be given to AIMIM.

Two new political parties have reached Gujarat in 6 municipal elections in the state. There is AAP in Surat Municipal Corporation and AIMIM in Ahmedabad. Thus the Aam Aadmi Party and AIMIM have given a huge blow to the Congress. Congress did not get a single seat in Surat. In Ahmedabad too, the Congress lost some seats due to AIMIM.

Importantly, the BJP has won more seats than in 2015 and the opposition has weakened. In the case of the BPMC Act, an expected board can be called if there are 48 members or more in opposition, but in Ahmedabad the Congress has only 24 seats and AIMIM has seven. Even if Congress joins AIMIM in Ahmedabad, it will have only 31 members, so they cannot call the requisite board.

The results achieved by the Congress in the local body elections have raised the concerns of the Congress MLAs from now on the Assembly elections to be held in the year 2022. The current Congress MLAs are also concerned with AIMIM’s entry into Ahmedabad. AIMIM can make a big dent in the Congress stronghold in Muslim-dominated areas.