Rapist Asaram, release BJP demand

There is a fear of corona virus inside the people in the country. Meanwhile, in order to reduce the crowd in the jail, there is an exercise to release some prisoners on parole. But Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has also raised the demand for the release of Asaram, a minor student accused of rape.

The BJP MP has tweeted that ‘If the prisoners serving the sentence are being released, then the government should first release 85-year-old elderly and sick Asaram Bapu who has been wrongly convicted.’ Let us know that earlier many supporters of Asaram have also appealed for the release of Asaram on social media.

In fact, the Supreme Court, while hearing a petition in the past, questioned the arrangement of jails due to the threat of corona virus. The court had suggested the state governments to release some on parole if the prisoners were many times more than the capacity. Following the advice of the Supreme Court, in many states including Uttar Pradesh, there is an exercise to release prisoners.

Asaram was accused of raping his own students. This case was revealed in the year 2012. After this, Asaram was arrested from Indore in 2013. A Jodhpur court held Asaram guilty of rape. Asaram was sentenced to life imprisonment and has been in jail since that time. The court also sentenced Asaram’s 2 other associates to 20-20 years in the case.

The situation in the country has arisen due to Corona virus at this time. Central and state governments are asking people to follow social distancing strictly. In view of this, a lockdown has also been announced in the country. After this, the crowd of prisoners in the jail is also being considered to be reduced. Let us tell you that only those prisoners who have good conduct in the jail can be released from the jail.