The experiments of these 4 companies for corona vaccine and medicine

Lockdowns have ended in many countries to prevent coronavirus infections. Countries around the world now live in fear of another dangerous wave of infectious disease. In China and South Korea, the virus has begun to take hold again. Corona has not yet reached its climax in India. Despite this, about 10,000 new cases are coming here every day. So now the whole world is waiting for the vaccine to be found. This week, there are four new good things about vaccines and medicine. It’s like knowing.

The Indian firm joined hands with a US company
New Delhi-based Panacea Biotech has launched a joint venture with US-based early life science company Refna. The two companies will work together to create an active virus-based vaccine. The first phase of the search is expected to begin in September. It is being said that if all goes well, the vaccine will be ready for patients in 18 months.

Johnson goes ahead with the vaccine
Pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson have decided to start trials of the vaccine in July instead of September. This decision has been made taking into account the strength of the pre-clinical data of the vaccine. The company could launch its vaccine in the market by 2021, according to the company’s chief scientific officer Paul Stauffels.

India Serum launches drug trial
Mumbai-based Bharat Serum and Vaccines Ltd will start trials on its generic drug Ulinastatin’s Covid-19. This drug is used for sepsis. BSVL will test whether it can be used in the treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome in Covid-19 patients. The company has received approval to start the third phase of clinical study of this drug. The drug will be given to patients with mild to moderate symptoms. The investigation is expected to be completed by September.

Antibodies A new type of drug
Neutral antibodies are a new type of drug. Companies like AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Regeneran have started working on it. AstraZeneca says it has obtained a coronavirus license to inactivate antibodies from Wordsbild University. The company wants to bring these monoclonal antibodies into clinical development as a potential combination therapy.