Fugitive Chinese scientist claims: Corona virus was created in China’s military lab

Virologist Dr. Li from the Hong Kong School of Public Health in China. Meng Yan fled China-administered Hong Kong to the United States. They claim that the Corona virus was created in a Chinese military lab. She also refuted speculations about the origin of this dangerous virus from China’s vet market. However, China has denied the allegations.

During a live stream interview with Taiwanese news agency Lude Press, Dr. “When the epidemic began to spread, I made it clear that the virus had come from the Chinese Communist Party’s military laboratory,” Li said. The story of the Wuhan Wet Market has been created to hide it. Dr. Li Meng Yan claims that when he informed the senior officials about this, they denied it without taking it seriously.

He claimed that it would be difficult for the Chinese Communist Party to reject his report. “We already knew we could disappear at any moment after speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. The same is being done with pro-democracy opponents in Hong Kong. So I started collecting all the information. Virologist Dr.L. Meng Yan flew from Hong Kong to the U.S. in April. Had come. She feared arrest under the Chinese National Security Act.