More than 250 medicinal plants and museums of farmer Ram Lotan

13 June 2021
Farmer Ram Lotan Kushwaha of Atravediya village of Uchehra in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh is working to save herbs with indigenous seeds and native vegetables. He has more than 250 medicinal plants in his garden. His father’s love for Ayurveda attracted him. The villagers call him ‘Vaidya ji’.
There are pods of dried, citrus fruits and vegetables hanging on the wall of their house. There is a lot around his house. It works for the conservation of biodiversity.
Medicinal maintenance and planting in less than one acre of farmland. Many types of vegetables are also grown here every year. Know very well about the Ayurvedic medicines used in the forest.
Ram Lotan’s garden has a unique collection of more than 250 medicinal plants. Round in the shape of a cow’s mouth, there are 12 types of eggplants.
His garden has vermilion, quorum seeds, sugar leaves, wild spinach, wild coriander, wild chili, Gaumukh Verizon, needle string, elephant’s claw, Ajubi, Balam cucumber, mint, chile, Sonchatta, Safed and Kali Musli, Paras Apart from this, Peepal Brahmi has been brought from the Himalayas. Himalayan plants also grow in his garden.
He has a herb called Sui Dhaaga. Needle thread is used for wound healing. There is a rare white Palash.

The Biodiversity Board included plants in its annual calendar in the year 2018 and contributed Rs 50,000. Her garden has been badly damaged by wild animals, plants and biodiversity.