Huge damage in Shiyal Island in the middle of the sea, “No Help to Big” reached and provided roofs

શિયાળ બેટ
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Ahmedabad, 9 June 2021

A voluntary organization named “No Help to Big” has reached here after receiving information about the condition of Shiyal Bet near Pipavav port in Amreli district, Gujarat, 23 days ago due to Tau-Te storm. Roofs of about 75 houses have been provided at 7 locations in Amreli. The roofs of another 25 houses will be provided.

Most of the 6,000 houses on the island of Shiyal, with a population of 20,000 fishermen, were kutcha houses. 1300 houses were torn down and most of the roofs of the house were blown away. Heart-breaking loss has happened here. Many houses have collapsed. People have to suffer a lot. People’s houses were lying outside in the open. In such a situation, this organization “No Help to Big” had reached for help. Still work going on.


When the roofs of the houses were blown off and the poor fishermen could not eat, “No Help to Big” gave them roof and household items. Amreli police helped.

The maximum damage has been done on the coast of Gujarat in Shiyal Island. 150 boats i.e. 50 percent of the boats are broken. People have become unemployed. Being in the middle of the ocean, no one understood  pain, but “No Help to Big” reached for help.

When the fox bat was surveyed with drone cameras, 1,300 houses were found to be demolished. Most of the people have become homeless. The situation is dire. The wind was so strong that tubes were blowing everywhere.

Fishermen have suffered the most due to the storm. The government has announced an aid package of more than Rs 105 crore. 807 major and 187 small boats were badly damaged. The total cost of 994 boats and equipment out of 29,716 boats is Rs. The loss was Rs 57.53 crore. 8 thousand fishermen will get Rs. 2-2 thousand assistance will be paid. So 8 Zynga farms in Jaffrabad have also been damaged. Total Rs. 117.95 crores. The island has suffered a loss of Rs 13.80 crore.

શિયાળ બેટ

The “No Help Too Big” organization arrived when the fox people needed help the most. The situation is dire and people need to come forward and help the affected families. Here we sent a ration kit which could feed 600 people of the area. Still that was not enough.

Today there is a need to build houses for the fishermen here and start a new life. The organization has appealed for help and donations. (Translated from Gujarati)