Record 50 percent winter cultivation of cereals and pulses, expect good production in Gujarat

Gandhinagar, 18 December 2020
Due to good rains in Gujarat, all Rabi-winter crops have increased from 2019-20 last year. Therefore, with an increase in planting in winter crops, yields may increase in some crops which are good. However, if many sensitive crops were not destroyed due to rain, there would have been mass production in this rabi season. Damage due to rain is being surveyed.

Cultivation of pulses, coriander, cumin and onion has increased abnormally this time compared to normal years. Which shows the enthusiasm of the farmers. Coriander has been planted at 205 percent for the last several years. Despite rains on Dharu 2 to 3 times, farmers have planted onions well.

Thus, 116 percent more planting has been done as compared to the average of last 3 years. Up to 250 percent has been applied in pulses. Out of 40 lakh hectares, grain is 12.31 lakh hectares. Which is a good sign. Wheat cultivation in cereals is 11.26 lakh hectares. Which is more than the monsoon grain crop. If pulses are counted then 20.26 lakh hectare area has been planted. Thus, grain production is higher in winter than in monsoon.