Rs 2.5 crore scam of senior IAS officer of Gujarat, waived fine of Pegasus company

Bhuj (Kutch), May 28, 2022

A scam of Rs 2.5 crore of a senior IAS officer of Gujarat cadre has come to light, where the scam of IAS Rajesh, Joint Secretary to the Government of Gujarat and the then Collector of Surendranagar, has not stopped yet. The Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), under the Department of Climate Change, Government of Gujarat, imposed a fine of Rs 2.5 crore on the company. It has been converted into a meager amount by a senior IAS officer for the benefit of crores of rupees. GEDA imposed a fine of Rs 2.40 crore on a company named Pegasus. The IAS lobby has also been shaken by the subsequent transfer of a write-off for a very modest amount by a climate change department official.

According to sources, GEDA, an agency under the climate change department of the state government, had given the contract for the work of solar renewable energy to a company named Pegasus. GEDA had imposed a fine of Rs 2.40 crore on the company for non-performance.

Shivani Goel, a young lady IAS officer, who was the director of GEDA, took strong action in the matter. As a result, the company had no option but to pay Rs 2.5 crore. But a top climate change department official called for all Pegasus company files from GEDA and wrote off the fine amount of crores of rupees from his office and converted it to normal amount. After which this whole matter remains a matter of discussion for the time being.

*IAS Haider in charge of climate change*
Senior IAS officer SJ Haider, who is the front secretary of the education department, has the additional charge of the climate change department. Haider has been in charge for more than five years.

*IAS invested lakhs in land with Pegasus company*
While discussing the financial relationship between Pegasus Company and its owners with a senior IAS officer, it has also come to the fore that this senior chartered officer bought land worth crores of rupees in Gandhinagar as well as villages like Palaj, Chiloda, Lavarpur etc. Is. District .. on the one hand where. While the order to take action against an IAS officer named Rajesh has been issued directly from Delhi, this chapter of waiving the fine of crores of rupees is out of sight and it is also a matter of debate.