Rupani government 25 times death toll, Congress will conduct death survey

Gandhinagar, 10 May 2021
The High Court of Gujarat has told the government that the government is hiding the data. In such circumstances, the Gujarat Congress will get information about all the families who died in Gujarat’s Koro epidemic with the aim of getting Rs 4 lakh assistance from the government. That information will be collected and submitted to the government. So that the help of this family can be obtained quickly and easily.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee will send this form to the people to get information in the form of Google form. We will give a representation to the government on behalf of all those people who will get complete information from the family of the deceased. But it is not clear whether Congress workers will get death per village.

Provide assistance of 4 lakh rupees
Addressing a press conference, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Chavda said that the corona epidemic is going through a very serious phase. The situation is uncontrollable. Today, 13 months after the Corona epidemic, there is an atmosphere of fear, anarchy and chaos all over Gujarat.
We again request the government to immediately announce a payment of Rs 4 lakh to the families of those killed in Corona.

Ruthless official game with the death of people
For this, the Congress workers will live with the families of the deceased and will also give representation to the government and try to help them. All of us have seen during this epidemic in the last one year that the government often hides the figures. Whether it is a test of statistics or statistics of death. The fact of true land is the exact opposite of this. An example is presented by AAP MLAs Naushadbhai Solanki and Hrithikbhai Makwana after getting the actual facts of the land. What scam is going on in front of you, how information is being hidden, how a ruthless government is playing a game even with the deaths of the people. We want to prove it.

What MLAs say
Talking to reporters, MLAs Naushad Solanki and Ritwikbhai Makwana said that the way the figures are being hidden by the Gujarat government. That information can be known from the figures in Surendranagar district. In just two months and four days compared to the previous two years, Surendranagar district has had 3163 deaths. If we compare the average deaths per taluka in 2020, there were 3577 deaths.

Hides death 25 times
The official website of the Gujarat government shows that a total of 122 people infected with Choro died in Surendranagar district. So has the government shown 25 times fewer deaths? If this is the truth, then this mistake of the government is right to kill hundreds of people and concealing the truth by betraying the trust of the people of Gujarat against the government is not a heinous crime?

3600 killed in 65 days.

If there were 3577 deaths in Surendranagar district in just 65 days, then how many would have happened in 33 districts across Gujarat? Why this ugly and awkward question does not happen to a Gujarati. The BJP government rallied to win elections in Bengal and Assam, which pushed the country into Corona’s mouth. Should she be forgiven? Therefore, if we compare the taluka, there has been a huge increase in the number of deaths in Wadhawan, Dhrangadhra, Dasada, Limbadi and Thangarh.

Name of Taluka – Death

Wadhawan – 1258
Dhrangadhra – 470
Dasa – 342
Limbdi – 252
Lakhtar – 104
Thangarh – 184
Peak – 177
Saila – 155
Chuda – 118
Radish – 103
Total – 3163

While there have been many instances in the past where the government has helped the families of those who died in natural disasters, accidents, severe pandemics or other circumstances, we have a clear demand that all of them have died in Gujarat which are the last 13 months. Keeping in view the clause, developmental aspect and sympathy of this disaster management act to all the families of the deceased, the government should immediately declare assistance of Rs 4 lakh to all the families of the deceased. There are many examples of government to hide the death toll. In the statistics game.

Today people are being pushed to oxygen, to bed, to ventilators, to injections, and to the brink of death. The Coro epidemic as well as the lack of coordination of clumsy administration and state government are responsible for all this chaos and arrogance. It is clear that the current situation is a government-created disaster and according to government figures, more than 8,200 people have died due to grain.

Millions of people are infected. Most of the dead – middle class – come from needy families. In many families, the main breadwinner has died of coronary heart disease.

In such circumstances, today during the epidemic of Gujarat, sanctions and laws are applicable under the Pandemic Act, Gujarat Disaster Management Act 2003, Disaster Management Act 2005. There is one act of disaster, one act of epidemic, two provisions.

One is the punitive provision and the other is the welfare provision. The punitive provision is now being used in full by this government, 1000 fine if wearing a mask, many units are being sealed, many are being prosecuted and various disciplinary actions are being taken. . Has been taken in the last one year. Which is a welfare provision. The announcement is completely ignored.

Today, when the situation in Gujarat is uncontrollable, the situation is grim, facing the Corona epidemic, we have made it clear that under Section 12 of the Disaster Act of the country, section 3, the way a person dies in natural disasters, accidents, epidemics and such circumstances. Must be dealt with according to developmental provisions. There is a provision for assistance. The Congress said.(translated from Gujarati)