Three months after, Gujarat Congress leader Bharat Solanki, he is undergoing corona  treatment in the hospital

Ahmedabad, 23 September 2020
Veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Bharatsinh Solanki fell ill in Corona. He was admitted to the hospital in Vadodara for treatment and then admitted to the hospital in Ahmedabad. Today it has been three months. There has been such a condition that they cannot be identified.

During the treatment of Corona, his body has also changed significantly. At a glance, people cannot say that this is Bharat Solanki, the former head of Congress. The health of Bharat Solanki, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital, is recovering. After 90 days of treatment in the hospital, he is currently undergoing physiotherapy and his condition is improving.

According to reports, after the Rajya Sabha election, Bharat Solanki was admitted to a hospital in Vadodara for treatment. The corona transition spread to other Congress leaders after Bharatsinh Solanki’s Corona report came out positive. Bharat Solanki’s condition deteriorated at a hospital in Vadodara and he was shifted to a hospital in Ahmedabad for treatment. After treatment with Corona, he had to spend more time in the hospital due to a lung infection.

In August, a video about Bharat Solanki’s ill health went viral on social media and a person who sees it at first glance cannot say that it is Bharat Solanki. There were also concerns among Congress leaders and family members about his health. After the video went viral, Congress state president and his brother, Amit Chavda made it clear to the media that the video of Bharat Solanki going viral on social media is 20 days old.

He is currently in good health and exercising. After physiotherapy treatment, Bharat Solanki also had kidney problems and is now recovering. Bharat Solanki is currently in a wheelchair.