Shocking news – Dangerous to wear a mask for a long time

New Delhi: Coronavirus mask is a successful weapon. Significantly reduces the risk of infection. Therefore, face masks have now been made mandatory in India, including Gujarat. If you go out of the house, just leave after applying the mask. But now a new thing is coming up about face masks.

Prolonged wearing of a mask increases the lack of oxygen in the body and increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. The National Institutes of Health says prolonged use of masks can be dangerous in many cases.

Breathing on high levels of carbon dioxide can be fatal. Hypercapnia present in carbon dioxide can cause problems such as headache, dizziness, difficulty seeing, difficulty concentrating, noise in the ears, seizures.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is usually 0.04 percent, but if the same thing is 10 percent or more, it can be fatal. Due to the mask, the flow of oxygen decreases and the amount of carbon dioxide increases. Exhale it stays in the mask for a while. Means taking carbon dioxide. CO2 regulates blood pH. Excess CO2 makes the blood very acidic. The body demands oxygen and in case of unavailability, problems like attack start.

Do not wear for a long time. Remove the N95 mask while walking fast. Do not leave the house without a mask. But do not wear tight masks. Homemade masks are better, as they do not have trouble breathing. Use a cotton cloth to make a mask at home. If you are having trouble breathing after wearing the mask, then remove the mask and rest in a safe place.