The farmer of Gujarat took the agronomist to a challenge, CISH invented seedless berries, but has been growing for 30 years

Dilip Patel – Ahmedabad, 4 November 2020

Scientists at the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture – CISH in Lucknow have developed a new variety of ‘Jamwant’ Jamun-ber. But a farmer in Gujarat is challenging these scientists without speaking. Because this Amreli farmer has been growing “Paras” Jamun seedless berries  tree for the last 30 years. Thus, this farmer is 30 years ahead of the largest organization in the country. Which is making Gujarat proud.

300 kg berries from a tree

Berries have many anti-diabetic properties. This fruit has 60 percent seeds till now. In Amreli, Gujarat, 10% of the seed in the fruit. Which is also rich in antidiabetic and bioactive compounds. 90 percent gar-dal-pulp comes out. He named this variety “Paras”. They have 60 trees. All trees get 3 lakh rupees per year. 300-400 kg of berries production from a large tree. When a 5-year-old tree grows, it gives 20 kg of berries.

Discovery of Bachubhai

Ranjitbhai Bachubhai and Hareshbhai Zala, farmers of the village of Ditla in Savarkundla, Amreli, and produce is sweet, large size berries. Good crop comes. Good earning.  Less water is required. Sell ​​1 lakh berries in 1 bigha. There is not much need of fertilizer or pesticides. Ranjitbhai’s father, late Bachubhai, was growing the berries without seeds, he grew grafting last several years.

Creates and sells 10 thousand graft

In the village of Ditla, Ranjitbhai is known as Jambuwala. For 30 years graft-pen of berries is made and sold. Makes 5 to 10 thousand every year. Those who sell to the farmers. About 700–1000 farmers plant seedless berries in a year. Creating berries is a difficult task.

Ayurvedic Companies

Sells at good prices in cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai. Ayurvedic companies carry goods for medicine. Farmers come to the field and learn to cultivate. Although mangoes get better prices, they have to be taken to the market immediately after taking them off the tree. Otherwise it gets spoiled. It is difficult to trade fresh fruit.

Discovery of scientists

Scientists at the Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture in Lucknow have developed a new variety of ‘Jamwant’ berries in 2019. In which 90% pulp is found. Which was found to be excellent in testing in various geographical areas. CISH-Jamwant and CISH Jamun-22 variety berries are becoming popular. Farmers in Gujarat and Maharashtra make good profits. In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rs.200 to 300 per kg is sold in monsoon.

Why Gujarat’s agricultural scientists don’t know

The Chancellor of Gujarat Agricultural University went exclusively to the unveiling of this fruit last year. Despite having such trees in Amreli, Junagadh Agricultural University has no information about this variety of Amreli. Former Chancellor of Junagadh Agricultural University KB Kikani said that he too had no idea about seedless berries cultivation in Savarkundla.

The Jamwant variety is suitable for fruit and factory processing. 90 percent is pulp. ITCA is planting saplings in Aligarh. CISCH has been receiving demand for articles from many parts of the country. Berries are free from the problem of astringency.

Revolution by grafting technique

Seeds bear fruits in 10 years. But the pen gives fruit in 5 years. A few decades ago, there were no standard varieties. Which was grown by seed. The technique of grafting was not available for purple fruits. The technique of grafting is standardized. Many types of berries were preserved here by the technique of grafting. The institute started growing berries almost two decades ago.

Berries wine

Berries are used for medicinal values. Used for diabetes and itching. Industries use it extensively to make vinegar. Processed fruit products are in large quantities. Jamun has started making wine in Maharashtra. Berries wine is better than grape wine. The Central Subtropical Horticulture Institute has gained popularity by making many berries. Value-added content can be saved throughout the year.