The rules made by BJP President and PM in Rupani’s Rajkot were broken

Vijay Rupani
Vijay Rupani

Rajkot, 12 February 2021

Panchayat candidates have been declared in Rajkot, the constituency of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. With the approval of Prime Minister Modi, BJP President CR Patil had announced the purification of the party by making 3 rules. Patil’s 3 rules, not fourth time candidates, retirement at 60 years and relatives not having the right to contest elections. These three rules have been violated in Rupani’s Rajkot.

Gujarat District Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat and Municipal BJP have announced the names of 36 candidates for Rajkot District Panchayat. The leaders have accepted the ticket allocation. Relatives have also been given tickets.

The BJP has not even given ticket to the Kisi of the BJP-backed rebel group in the district panchayat. The former corporator of Rajkot has been made parachute candidate. Tickets have been given to land mafia or their relatives.

The loser member from Congress has been nominated.

BJP President CR Patil announced from Rajkot land that not a single member of the Congress would enter the BJP. Now Patil is giving tickets to Congress people. Therefore, there is anger among BJP workers.

In Rajkot district panchayat, the BJP retaliated with the party and gave the ticket to Nilesh Virani of Congress. Rajkot is with the District Panchayat Congress. Nilesh Virani of Congress was the president of the district panchayat. He switched sides to the BJP on March 27, 2019. Now they are fighting for Nilesh Sardhar seat. In Sardar, BJP fielded Congress Nilesh Virani. He was elected from the Congress in the previous term. He was also the President of Zilla Panchayat for two and a half years.

The BJP has now announced that with the help of people from the Congress, the district panchayat of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s constituency will be ours.

Relatives of some of the organization’s officials have been given tickets. Sumi Rajesh Chavda has been given a ticket for Bedi’s seat. She is the wife of the nephew of District General Secretary Nagdan Chavda.

Former Rajkot corporator Bhupat Baughra has been fielded for the Trumba seat.

Bhupat Baughra, who hails from Rajkot, is associated with the business of land. Bhupat Bodhara is out most of the time because he is in the film line.

Savita Gohil, wife of Taluka General Secretary Bharat Gohel, has been fielded.

Pooja Devji Cordia, wife of the sarpanch of Kagaddi, has been allotted a seat in Anand. In Samdiala, the former president of Jetpur Taluka Panchayat has given ticket to Bhupat Solanki.

In Kotra Sangani, Shailesh Vaghasia has been allotted a ticket against the Congress candidate in the last election in exchange for his defeated wife.

Alpaben, wife of co-operative leader Mukesh Togadia, has been nominated for the Pardi seat.

The BJP made it a rule not to give tickets if it contested more than three times. Former Vice President of District Panchayat P.G. Kiara will contest in the district panchayat for the fourth time since 2005. Each post has a candidate. His wife was once a candidate.

There are 4 BJP groups in Rajkot district. The party has not given a single ticket to the group of former president DK Sakhiya. The group is constantly fighting against Rupani. Therefore it was anticipated that the group would not give tickets.(Translated from Gujarat)