Those who criticized Kejriwal for banning Hindu fireworks, BJP’s Gujarat government imposed ban, BJP’s two faces

Gandhinagar, 7 November 2020

A notification has been issued on the issue of fireworks in Gujarat. The state government has publicly banned the firing of firecrackers. It has also banned the import of foreign fireworks. All district collectors and police commissioners of the state have been asked to issue restraining orders. It has been asked to take action against hoarding on illegal sale of fireworks.

The rupees worth 2,000 crores are made as Delhi state of Gujarat and they explode. Which will now stand at just Rs 300 crore. 10 thousand people made fireworks. Which will create a serious situation next year.

After the ban on firecrackers in five states Rajasthan, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, the big question was whether firecrackers could be stopped in Gujarat on Diwali. Currently a notification has been issued from Gandhinagar on the issue of fireworks in Gujarat. Like every Diwali, fireworks cannot be done from 10 am to 6 am.

To curb air pollution in the national capital Delhi, the Arvind Kejriwal government has banned celebrating religious festivals. BJP’s Kapil Mishra criticized Kejriwal. Now he will criticize BJP Chief Minister Vijay Rupani or not. People say that two faces of BJP have emerged.

It has imposed a complete ban on fireworks from November 7 to November 30 on the occasion of Diwali. BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Delhi government’s decision

The government has also been directed to follow the order of the Supreme Court. The government has banned the import of firecrackers in its declaration. Order has also been issued under Section 144. The illegal import, storage and sale of firecrackers has been banned. A restraining order has been imposed under section 144.

According to doctors, the smoke emanating from fireworks can be dangerous not only for corona patients, but also for those who have recovered from corona. Corona infection directly affects the lungs, so the lungs are relatively weak, making it difficult to breathe in smoke from fireworks. Some health problems are also found after discharge. Given the current state of Corona, experts recommend not to fire crackers this Diwali.