Thumb impression is not e-mail ID of Gujarat Chief Minister Rupani!

You may be surprised to know that Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has no official email address or records of the people he met. The above information has been received under the Right to Information Act.

Respected Principal Secretary Shri
Government of Gujarat
Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Subject: Regarding the creation of the official email ID of the Honorable CM and maintaining the visit register,
Respected Sir
We know that the country is making steady progress in the field of information and communication, Gujarat is also an important carrier of the revolution. Modern methods of information and communication have also accelerated the administration of the state. Letter No. – RTI 102018-CMO-33 (317/2018) / T-1 d. 2-6-2018 and RTI-102019-Jan-522 (418659) / T-1 dated 11-9-2019, it has been reported that the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat does not even have an official email ID, in which case the functioning of the Hon’ble Chief Minister is facilitated. And there is the possibility of delay rather than readiness. In the absence of an email from the Honorable Chief Minister, the public also faces many difficulties in sending their letters. Sir, the basic mantra of government is to have an email id for transparency and simplicity.
As per the information from the above mentioned letters, there is no record of those who came to visit the Hon’ble Chief Minister. The failure to register the records of the Chief Minister is a serious negligence for the protection of the Honorable Chief Minister. The Chief Minister represents an estimated seven million people of Gujarat, so keeping records for their security and transparency is very important.
Sir, I urge you to make an official email ID of the Chief Minister of Gujarat and publish it on the website of the Government of Gujarat and keep a record of the visiting visitors to the Hon’ble Chief Minister. I should also be informed of the work done in this regard.
Dated: 15-2-2020
Enclosure – Letter of information

Mujahid Nafis
Minority Co-ordination Committee
Mob- 9328416230

The copy departs for the required operation
1- Principal Secretary General Administration Department Gujarat.
2- Chief Principal Secretory to Hon CM Gujarat