Umiya Lakshachandi Mahayagna setups a dozen records

Patidaar community has always taken frontal position in the progress of the society. Similarly with inclusion of people from all casts in this mahayagna, the Patidaar community has setup the best example of ‘Social Harmony’.
Honoured chairmen of various committees with awards and certification for setting up various records. Lakshachandi Mahayagna created a dozen records.
Lakshachandi Mahayagna Samiti Chairman and legislator in his welcome address said the event could be held because of the untiring effort of 22,000 volunteers, 45 committees’ yearlong preparartion. It will be remembered as a red letter day for long time to come.

The Lakshachandi Mahayagna created a dozen records for the posterity. The four records for Asia Book of Records are.
1. At a time, flying 15,000 balloons filled with 32 types of seeds,
2. At one place, cooking 16.80-ladoos (sweets),
3. At a time, 2-lakh people dining at one place, and
4. At a time 8,990 people hailing Ma Umiya’s hymns.

The eight records for Best of India Records are:
1. Making arrangement for stay of 20,000 people at one place the APMC-Unjha,
2. Laying green carpet over 350 acres,
3. At one place, cooking 16.80-ladoos (sweets),
4. At a time, 2-lakh people dining vegetarian food at one place,
5. At place, preparing 21,000 litres tea’
6. Personally distributing 10-lakh invitation cards to guests,
7. Variety of programmes staged over 550 acres, and
8. In all, 1,100 Brahmins recited slokas 7-crore times.