Like 3 lakh unemployed civil engineers in Gujarat, Rs 1500 crore will be looted to build an army of unemployed agricultural graduates, Hardik Patel wrote a letter

Ahmedabad, 3 September 2020

After graduation in civil engineering, barely 20 percent of the youth get employment. 80 percent of youth are jobless. In the year 2015, 11 thousand civil engineers were trained in Gujarat. Civil engineering has 71,000 seats in 2017-2020 beach. 80 percent of them are from private colleges or universities. Which is happening. Currently, 3 lakh civil engineers in Gujarat are unemployed. They are working for Rs.10 thousand salary in a month. The BJP government is describing Gujarat as a model. But this is Modi’s model.

Parul University

Now private education traders are also coming to agricultural universities. Gujarat Agriculture Minister RC Faldu and Education Minister Bhupendra Chudasama are working together to approve entrepreneurs-industrialist from private agricultural universities. The BJP-led government is working for the industrialist. Parul University in Vadodara is being looted by people by charging Rs 60,000 per year for agriculture students. Gujarat BJP leaders have become yes-man of Parul University. They are turning their eyes to Parur University. Everybody knows why they are doing this.

Rs. 1500 crore loot

Gujarat currently has around 2500 seats for all agricultural courses. If it is allowed to private universities, it will rise to 30,000 seats. The cost of tuition per student will be Rs 5 lakh. Thus a private agricultural university will do the business of Rs. 1500 crore for 4 years. After robbing people, only 100 of them can get a job.

Letter from Congress leader Hardik Patel

On September 2, 2020, Congress Acting President Hardik Patel wrote a letter to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, refusing to allow private universities to conduct BSC (Agriculture) courses in the state by the state government. Hardik Patel wrote that private universities should not be allowed to run agricultural courses. If it is not closed, all government-owned agricultural universities will cease to exist. The quality of education will also not be preserved. On the other hand, the unemployment rate among agricultural graduates will also increase drastically.

Permission granted is not appropriate

Hardik Patel wrote that the B.Sc (Agriculture) course is run in only 4 agricultural universities run by the state government, which provides proper guidance and education to the students. However, the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare, and Culture has allowed private universities to run agricultural courses, which is not appropriate.

Contrary to the rules

A letter has also been written in this regard by the Deputy Secretary of the State Education Department on 6-9-2018. The matter has also been explicitly ordered in various petitions, including the special civil application number 15065/2018 of the Honorable Supreme Court. Cannot run without the approval of the State Government and Agricultural University. No private university can be allowed to run agricultural courses unless it complies with ICAR norms.

Unemployment will increase

If a private university is not allowed to run agricultural courses. The quality of education will not be preserved. At the same time, like engineering colleges, the unemployment rate among agricultural graduates will also increase drastically. Which will prove to be very harmful to agriculture? Please take this matter seriously and take the right decision.