In Gujarat, a teacher fired from one school will not be given a job in another school

Teachers will not be able to leave one school and join another due to low wages amid the Corona epidemic in the state of Gujarat. Administrators of private schools have decided internally that no teachers who have been dismissed from school will be hired by other schools. Shoshan has crossed the limits of learning traders of Gujarat. In Gujarat, low-paid temporary 1 lakh teachers have lost their jobs. Every month, Rs. 5000 to 10 thousand is a salary for a ruckus teacher. Also, BJP’s Vijay Rupani government is not doing anything wrong.

The decision by private school administrators has forced low-paid teachers to retain their jobs. There is no union of teachers employed in private schools, so teachers cannot take their demands to the right level. The government has not allowed any union to be formed. They were threatened and tied up.

Salaries of teachers employed in private schools have fallen by more than 40 to 50 percent. Due to which teachers are also angry with the school administrators. And in this situation, if the teacher leaves the school, then the school administration has to bring more teachers again. As a result, school administrators have decided not to hire teachers who have left their jobs in other schools. Administrators have adopted this new policy against teachers so that teachers do not leave school.