What is the cost of development in Gujarat

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What is the cost of development in Gujarat
Dilip Patel, 15 May 2022
The land under bean cultivation in Gujarat in 2006-07 was 1163200 hectares. Bean cultivation has increased to 1415800 hectares in 2018-19. It is currently estimated that the government will acquire 1.5 million hectares of non-agricultural land in 2022.
In 12 years, 2,52,600 hectares of land has become barren. It is estimated that 3 lakh hectares of land has been cultivated in 17 years of development.
Beans are cultivated on an average of 21 thousand hectares of land every year. This means that every year a city or industry is established in an area of ​​210 square kilometres. Roads have been built. It is estimated that 25,000 hectares of land will be cultivated in 2022.

Every day 58 hectares of land is destroyed. Every day construction work is done on 5.80 lakh square meters of land.

The loss of any one agricultural product per hectare per year is as follows.

If 5000 kg of grain per hectare is money in 3 lakh hectares, then 150 crore kg of grain per hectare will have to be lost.
About 3000 kg groundnut per hectare, 90 crore kg groundnut is lost every year
At 600 kg of cotton per hectare, 180 million kg of cotton has to be lost every year
About 90,000 kg of potatoes have to be lost per hectare per year
According to 80,000 kg of sugarcane per hectare, 2400 crore kg of sugarcane has to be lost every year.
At the rate of 30,000 kg per hectare, 900 crore kg of potato has to be lost every year.
At the rate of 5000 kg of fruit per hectare, 150 crore kg of fruit has to be lost every year.
About 100 million kilograms of grass per hectare and 300 million kilograms of grass is lost every year.

The people of Gujarat have to lose one of the above crops. It literally means that there is a decline in food grains. This is a development model. There is only one solution. Industries and cities should be established on barren land, barren land, hills, saline land.
In 2018-19, there was 21 lakh hectares of bad land. Which will be 25 lakh in 2025. In 2006-07, there was 11.62 lakh hectares of land. Bad land is increasing, industries should be set up there. even saline or barren land

Bad, salty, paddy lands have increased by 100% in 19-20 years. Thus the motherland Gujarat, the earth and the sons of the earth have fallen in the so called development of the last 20 years. Who developed?