When will India develop? Understand in Chanakya’s words….

One of Chanakya’s statements is very reasonable to understand the development of the country. “A nation or a state develops faster when citizens of that same nation or state has lower demands ,” Chanakya said. Everyone needs to understand this statement of Chanakya. Everyone needs to note that what has happened is from a demand point of view and it is essential for growth that the demand of people decreases.

Understand that the people are satisfied when the demand from the nation decreases and assume that the people are being dissatisfied when the demand increases without any reason. Internal demands must come to an end. This is especially important for India. If domestic demand does not come to an end, there will be obstacles in the way of achieving global growth.

Where and how does the government system reach with limited resources, slogans and hymns? The administration also has to push the limits somewhere and it has to do so. It is not necessary to discuss the issue with the vices of the administration at every stage. Sometimes a citizen should understand his responsibilities as well as understand the responsibilities and when the time comes, citizens should also look at their own relentless demands.

When faced with a demand, it sometimes happens that two out of ten demands are self-defeating. It is very important to look at the good and bad results associated with the demand before making any demand and also to see how suitable one is for the demand. Asking for a reservation or demanding a government job may be good for five per cent of the people, but because of that 95 per cent of the countries population has to bare that burden.

The time has come to use this discernment, for we are no longer small country in age of population. 70 years of intellectual freedom is written in our name and the intellectual freedom of a nation for more than seven and a half decades must be seen at par with other nations. We can also see Corona as a milestone in the direction of a new beginning. Once we start moving in that direction, once we start looking at the path of development in a fair way, the country will move forward. The boom will continue as before but for that we have to give up the mindset of making demands. Only than we will see the country’s development moving in fair direction.