Where the CM Rupani went to know the secret of liking the village of Garal in cyclone

the people of the surrounding villages boycotted the election

Gandhinagar, 20 May 2021

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani reached Garal village in Una taluka to get information about the devastation of Tau-Te storm in Gujarat.

He also inspected the condition and damage caused by Hurricane Tau-Te in villages and areas going from Gandhinagar to Una Garal village by air route.

The village of Garal spoke to the villagers and asked them to assess the damage done to people’s homes and farming by the storm.

The horrors of the storm brought tears to the female sarpanch’s eyes. The villagers were disappointed. The elderly sarpanch of Garal village, Mrs Mongi Ben Solanki, said that it was a terrible storm that will never be forgotten in life. Was told to give. The villagers also became emotional.

Secret of village choice

Recognizing the mystery of why the Chief Minister chose this Garal village, Rasik Chavda, Gujarat State General Secretary of All India Koli Samaj said that Chief Minister Vijay Rupani needs to visit the coastal villages and ports. But the village of Garal is a prosperous village, there are rows of houses here. Because there are mangoes and coconut gardens here. So people are rich. Also the village is 10 km from the coast. So there is no harm in the village here. But the fields have suffered heavy losses. Where the Chief Minister has not gone.

There are mangoes and coconuts throughout the village. Whose gardens are broken. The village is famous for mango production. Sesame and millet have been cleared in the fields. Village farmers cannot stand financially for 7 years. Because now they have to plant mangoes again.

The village of Geral is financially capable. 60 percent are lined houses. 10 km from the sea Koli and Rajputs live here. The loss here is minimal. The chief minister was to go to the village that was actually damaged.

The system has not arrived.

There was a storm for 5 hours in the Syed Rajpara port area near the village of Geral. Help has reached the village. But the system has not yet reached where the poor and outside laborers live. BJP leaders have come to Una and posed for photographs.

The leaders took photographs.

Why did you choose the village. That village is prosperous. Narmada drinking water is available from this year. The last year has become an underground harmony. The house has water and roads.

Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Kailashanathan was accompanied by Additional Chief Secretary Revenue Pankaj Kumar. Villagers were given relief by conducting a survey.

The state government is committed to rehabilitating coastal talukas on a war footing.

He directed the district administration to prepare an initial assessment of the damage done in the affected areas. The Chief Minister asked to start the supply of basic facilities like electricity and water.

The storm disrupted water distribution in 170 villages of Gir Somnath district.

Minister Parsottm Solanki, MP Rajeshbhai Chudasama was in Garal.


During the Karo period, drums were played in the village of Garal and people were informed about it. That the people coming from outside the village should be investigated and entered the village.

Know, what 5 years ago was

Salt the water well

What happened here five years ago is shocking. There is a year old water well in Una Garal village. The village panchayat was distributing water daily by putting a motor on it. But natural salinity has come in the water of the well. If people keep water in their utensils, then salt will freeze in it.

The water becomes bitter water. Therefore do not use for drinking only water from the well of the panchayat is used for consumption purposes.

In order to provide clean drinking water to the population of 5,000, 20 years ago, the Una Rawal group in the Congress government built a water tank and a 15 feet high well in the village under Jonah. Water is provided once in three days as per the requirement of the village.

The corpses of birds and poisonous animals in the tank

Drinking water is supplied to the people through the pipeline connected to the tank. But if the water tank is years old, then the top part is completely broken and the lid is open. It is contaminated with birds and poisonous animals and garbage dumping tanks.

The dead bodies of dead birds and poisonous animals were found during the cleaning of the pond.

Most of the water stays in the ground by settling down to the stitches.

The tank has not been cleaned and if the tank breaks at any time, the life of those who come to fill the water standing near the tank is also in danger.

In the Panchayat meeting, it is resolved to make the stitches as soon as possible. Still no action has been taken by the system.

The stitches were dilapidated and the lid was broken, spreading the dirt.

Drinking water increases the risk of disease. Sarpanch Nanjibhai Bambhania said that water is used only for consumption. Goswami, an official of the Water Supply Board, ordered the tank to be cleaned. Also assured to make new stitch. That was five years ago. Rupani was in government then. Now they have gone there themselves. Although the BJP has been in power for 26 years, the situation in the village remains the same.

Boycott of election without canal on river

The road from Khajudara village to Garal village passes through the Shahi River. As a result, thousands of people, including Geral, are facing many difficulties during the monsoon. In February 2021, the people of Una Khajudara boycotted local self-government elections.

The BJP leaders will build a bridge canal on the Shahi river as promised by the government machinery. But because of this, he boycotted the election. (translated from Gujarati)