Corona like disease in sheep and goats, no cure, vaccine remedy

Gandhinagar, 19 May 2021
Goat plague disease with corona-like symptoms is found in Gujarat. Thousands of goats and sheep die every year from PPR (Paste des petitis ruminants). There is no cure. Vaccination is the only remedy. There are 18 lakh sheep and 50 lakh goats in Gujarat. Maldhari suffers a loss of Rs 500 crore annually in wool, meat and milk due to animal illness and death due to this disease.

Transmitted to goats from close contact. Due to this disease, fever, goat wound, diarrhea, pneumonia and goats and sheep die. Bacterial infections of the lungs can also cause rapid spread of the disease through coughing and sneezing. The disease spreads faster in goats than in sheep.
36 Taka Veterinary Disease
In Gujarat, 36.7 percent small animals were found, 39.16 percent were found in sheep and 35.9 percent in goats. The Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry is concerned about this. The highest cases of this disease were 66.66 percent in goats in Jammu and 35.71 percent in sheep. It is mentioned in the survey.
500 million loss
The central government says that there is a loss of Rs 1.67 crore due to this disease. But a private survey has revealed that PPR disease has caused an economic loss of Rs 8,895.12 crore in goats and sheep. It is learned that 400 to 500 crore rupees are being spent in Gujarat.
Their production went down
Wool production in Gujarat increased by only 0.31 percent in 2018-19. Which has decreased rather than increased in 2021. No more than 20 lakh kilograms of wool have been produced. There are 18 lakh milking goats. A goat gives 500 grams of milk per day. It is estimated that 3.20 lakh tonnes of milk are produced annually. 33 thousand tons of meat is produced. 40 thousand sheep are slaughtered for meat. In all, meat is obtained by killing 3 crore animals and birds. 3000 thousand tons of meat is obtained from goats.
50 percent turn
The death rate from this disease is 50 to 80 percent. If the disease progresses, 100 percent dies. The disease affects most malnourished sheep.
Alcohol from alcohol
Viruses can be easily destroyed by the use of alcohol, ether or mild detergent.
PPR infection also spreads due to change in price of sheep, fodder, migration from one place to another, newly purchased cattle, change in season.

Symptoms of PRP

Symptoms include high fever, mouth ulcers, watery eyes, runny nose, diarrhea, white blood cell problems and difficulty in breathing. After three to four days of fever, the goat gets hyper mucosa or bloody diarrhea. Breathing and coughing are common in goats due to secondary bacterial pneumonia. The sick goat dies within a week of infection.
Oxytetracycline and chlorotracycline are medicines to prevent secondary bacterial infections of the lungs.
The PPR vaccine is mainly used in subtropical climates. Antiviral drugs are not yet available. The goat’s domestic vaccine is a PPR. There is only one effective way to stop it. Sheep and goats should be given antibiotics before vaccination.