Why farmers of Gujarat are soft in hot chili production

Gandhinagar, 21 November 2020

In Gujarat, production was 22051 tonnes in 2019-20, with dry chilli cultivation on 11299 hectares. Against this, the production in India was 17.64 lakh tonnes in 7.33 lakh hectares (18.11 lakh acres). Which yields 2400 kg per hectare. Farmers of Gujarat get 1900 kg of production in hectare. Gondal area  crops yield 2380 kg of chili per hectare. In Mehsana, 2000 kg of chilli is harvested per hectare. 2080 tonnes of chillies are harvested at Panchmahal. Gujarat has much lower productivity than the country.

In Gujarat, farmers could not come forward in cultivation of red chillies and hot chillies. Chillies of 200 to 250 crores are produced. Its production is many times more than green chillies. Chili season starts from January. The dry chilli season lasts for 5 months. 20 kg of green chilli produces 3 kg of dried chilli powder.

Gondal is already acclaimed for its dry chili. Gondal was praised for the chilli taste and unique solam in the country. Desi chili was grown, but it is not so now. Genuine gondal chillies are no longer produced here. Gondal chili has become very rare here in 10 years. What is grown is fresh modified chili and high yielding chillies. Varieties here – Variety 002, 035, 702, 735, Reva, Shanaya, 20 varieties like Desi silkworm. Kashmiri chilli has been cultivated for two years. 2500 are sold daily. Traders from outside Gujarat come.

5 percent crop in Gondal

It is believed that Rajkot is famous all over Gujarat for the gondal chillies of the district. But it is not. Only 9% of the total chili cooked in Gujarat is grown in Rajkot district. This means 22051 tonnes of chillies in Gujarat, 5 percent account for more than 1100 tonnes of chillies in Gondal.

King Mehsana

Mehsana has the highest production of 2760 tonnes of chilli on 1380 hectares in Gujarat. The second is Dahod, which produces 2375 tonnes of chili on 1305 hectares. Thirdly, Surendranagar grows 2236 tonnes of chillies on 1118 hectares. Tapi is at number four where 2109 tonnes of dry chillies are grown on 1209 hectares. Rajkot-Gondal comes at number 5.

Gondal takes most production

Farmers in Gujarat know how to grow an average of 1.95 tonnes of maize per hectare. Gondal produces 1952 tonnes of chili on 820 hectares. There is 2.38 tonnes of chilli crop per hectare. In Mehsana, 2 tonnes of chillies are harvested per hectare. 2.08 tonnes of chillies are harvested in Panchmahal. Thus, Gondal farmers grow the most chillies in Gujarat.

in confusion

Traders are doing business of God by mixing powder, dingda and leaves of its plant in red chillies. Due to the sophistication of today’s advanced varieties of chili, it is difficult to eat dry chili alone. Exports are affected due to the use of pesticides.


The chilli season starts in Gondal in March. Hardly 42507 quintal silk patta, 10208 quintal slurry chili was harvested throughout the season. The price of silk leases ranged from Rs 100 to Rs 651. The price of slurry was Rs 1,200 to Rs 3,351. Branded spice companies come here to shop. At the beginning of the 2020 season, Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kg was obtained.

The villages

In the Gondal region, chilli is grown in almost all the villages including Jamdi, Mova Shivrajgarh, Devchadi Bandra, Kolithad, Garnala Trukuda. On Holi, the fields turn red.

Kashmiri Chilis in Gondal

Kashmiri chilli has been cultivated in Gondal for the last two years. Which used to be in Andhra Pradesh only. Now its monopoly is broken. Pradeep Kalaria, a laboratory officer at Gondal Market Yard, successfully planted Kashmiri chillies. He prepared 50 farmers for the cultivation of Kashmiri chillies. Kashmiri chilli has started to be available in Gondal market from 2019.


Chili contains capsaicin. Which gives relief from body pain. The world’s most spicy kind of Ghost Jolekia is made into a pain reliever. Chili is used to separate the color.

Export Import

Chilli powder is exported well abroad. This is why large exporters of India shop in Gondal. Gondal chilis do not have stains, so there is demand. But since pesticide residue comes in macha powder, it affects exports. Chilli is exported to states including Rajasthan. This spicy chili salt is useful in the industry. Gholar and silk belt chilis, which are the hallmarks of housewives including pickles. Ripe viruses cause a lot of damage. In Bhavnagar, double belt chili powder is eaten more. Chillies are imported from Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka.

मीरची का गुजरात में उत्पादन 2019-20
जिल्ला हेक्टर उत्पादन
सुरत 98 145
नरमदा 14 20
भरूच 386 695
डांग 29 37
नवसारी 0 0
वलसाड 90 140
तापी 1205 2109
दक्षिन गुजरात 1822 3146
अमदावाद 254 505
आणंद 0 0
खेडा 30 50
पंचमहाल 725 1508
दाहोद 1305 2375
वडोदरा 120 216
महिसागर 580 1247
छोटाउदेपुर 80 152
मध्यगुजरात 3094 6054
बनासकांठा 600 1140
पाटण 0 0
महेसाणा 1380 2760
साबरकांठा 37 61
गांधीनगर 50 110
अरावल्ली 30 56
उत्तरगुजरात 2097 4127
कच्छ 77 150
सुरेन्द्रनगर 1118 2236
राजकोट 820 1952
जामनगर 56 118
पोरबंदर 0 0
जूनागढ 300 486
अमरेली 397 893
भावनगर 361 606
मोरबी 120 222
बोटाद 325 673
सोमनाथ 0 0
द्वारका 712 1388
सौराष्ट्र 4209 8574
गुजरात 11299 22051