Earthquake in two villages due to GPCL company, land rises 40 feet

Ghoga GPCL
Ghoga GPCL

Gandhinagar, 21 November 2020

The land of Surka and Hoidal villages in Gujarat is suddenly rising. It looks like the ground has been lifted in an earthquake since November 18, 2020. Ghogha is situated at an altitude of 66 feet from the coast or 217 feet. Earthquakes are occurring here due to digging of GPCL lignite mines. The soil has been dumping by digging 60 feet next to two villages. High mountains of clay have been formed. The ground is shaking due to the pressure of the hill. Millions of tons of soil have become 500 feet high mountains. Which is causing the earthquake.

On 22 November 2020, people from 12 villages will gather to increase pressure on the government to prevent landslides. There is a committee of 15 members from 12 villages. It will have a meeting of two members. Will decide what to do.

Mountain under ground

The mountain has been sitting under the ground last 3 days. In the vicinity, the surrounding land has risen to 30-40 feet high. Because the mountain is sliding under the ground. Gujarat government company GPCL is shaking the earth itself. The hill is sitting 40 feet under pressure. The lake has dried up. The trees have grown taller. Gauchar’s land has become useless. GPCL company produces electricity in Badi village. Which excavates lignite from here. The nearby Gauchar and cultivated land have also increased.

500 feet High Mountain

The mountain is 400 to 500 feet high in 7 months. There is a landslide. There are pits on the ground. The cracks have fallen in the same way as earthquakes. This thing does not stop there. Its ratio is increasing. The ground is getting 1 – 2 feet high every day. Five thousand people from two villages 300 meters and 900 meters away are at risk.

7 months of excavation

To dig a coal mine 40 to 80 feet below the ground, the soil is dug from above and placed on the surrounding Gauchar land. To extract lignite, the raw coal, 500 wighas i.e. 200 acres of land has been excavated. Has been digging for 7 months.

1500 hectares of land

PC Patel Infrastructure Company of Vadodara has been awarded a 15-year contract for excavation with GPCL. A total of 2500 bigha land is to be mined. GPCL forcibly occupied 1414-58-18 hectares (1.50 crore sq m) of land of 1114 farmers of 11 villages of Ghogha and Bhavnagar taluka. A total of 1500 hectares of land have been forcibly occupied by the government.

92 million tonnes of lignite mines

Currently 15 thousand tonnes of lignite is extracted every day. The 3 lignite mines have a total of 90.75 million metric tons of lignite. Lignite is used in power plants to produce electricity. Another 1.1 million tonnes of GMDC is extracting crude coal. The soil that comes out from above is bentocyte. Which can be used to make manure in the field. Instead of selling it, it is being dumped here.

4 million tons of lignite

The officers here work at the behest of the Rupani government in Gandhinagar. Regarding extraction of lignite minerals, former Collector Harshad Patel announced on April 2, 2018 that GPCL generates 500 MW of power from lignite. The power plant will supply 4 million (40 lakh) metric tons of GPCL (2.25 million metric tons – year), Khadasalya-1 (1 million metric tons – year) and Khadasalya-2 (0.75 million metric tons per year) at Ghogha-Surka. The permission to dig was given at the behest of the government.


Also from GMDC’s Surka North Mine 1.1. The million metric ton-year lignite will yield for 20 years.

Mining clearance

Approval for the mine was obtained from the Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Forest and Environment as well as the State Pollution Control Board. A lease deed has also been done with Bhavnagar Collector regarding mineral concession

Government of Gujarat Company

The Gujarat government has invested Rs 5,000 crore for the 500 MW Bhavnagar Energy Company Limited plant. One unit of 250 MW was commissioned on 16 May 2016 and another unit of 250 MW was commissioned on 27 March 2017.

The Power Generation Company has come out against Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL). GSECL, which operates a lignite-based power plant, has set up Bhavnagar Energy Company Limited. Captured the operated plant.

India’s longest movement

Gujarat Power Corporation Limited, a state government undertaking in Badi-Padwa village of Ghogha taluka of Bhavnagar. (GPCL) farmers have been carrying out the Satyagraha movement for 25 years. Eminent lawyer Anand Yagnik of Gujarat is fighting the farmers’ court and the government. People from 12 villages have been doing the movement since 1996 with the BJP government. The protests against the state-run company have been the longest in India for 25 years.

Farmers have been agitating for 25 years

140 acres of land was acquired in Padwa village 20-25 years ago. Now 1500 hectares of land is being forcibly occupied in 12 villages. The farmers’ land was acquired by GPCL 20 years ago. However, no operation was conducted on the ground by the company for so many years. But now the farmers who came to occupy the company’s land have waged war. Farmers are demanding the price of land at today’s market price.

Ruthless Rupani accused Baton

The police opposed 50 Tiaranjana shell farmers. The police brutally beat the lathis to the police. Gathering 500 in number, the rally was going from Surka village to the GPCL company site. Sticks and sticks started moving. The peasants of their feet and their bodies The various parts were beaten with sticks with extreme cruelty and cruelty. The BJP government committed inhuman atrocities. This is the behavior of insensitive Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Former BJP state president Jitu Waghan and energy minister Saurabh Dalal, who are saffron English, have no sympathy. People here are angry with BJP

English Saffron – भगवा सरकार

Appeals were made on the movement, rallies, picketing sites including the court, Gandhi Maidan Marg. Police can take force and bodies to be released by force. Forcible operation was started on the ground. Atrocities on the farm were carried out by the BJP government. Ghogha held a two-day symbolic dharna, satyagraha in Mamlatdar’s office. Protested at the mining site of Hoidal village. The women and children were taken to the police station after 7 pm.

Left school

Children from 12 villages dropped out of school. He also withdrew his school leaving certificate. Yet insensitive Vijay Rupani and Saurabh Dalal had no voice in their hearts. Satyagraha and non-cooperation movement too. However, the BJP’s deaf government did not listen to him.

350 people in court

On date, 350 people including women and children are present in the court. This may be the first such case in India in which 350 people will appear in court at the same time.

Wish will die

On 23 April 2018, 5259 people from 12 villages sent an application form to the District Collector demanding euthanasia. The President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Governor and others were given written representation. There are villages like Badi, Surka, Malekwadar, Rajpara, Kareda, Valsapur, Nathugarh, Vavadi, Morchand, Chhaiya and Paniyali.

How much was given to the farmers

Under the consent, farmers were given Rs 36 crore. 2.5 lakhs per hectare for arable land and 2.75 lakhs per hectare for horticultural land. Which was from 1997 to 2005.

Section 144, Net closed in villages

11 villages of Bhavnagar and Ghogha taluka were banned under section 144 on 16 November 2018. Section 144 is rare in Gujarat. From 1 to 8 April, social media and Internet services were banned and the mobile net was shut down.

Movement against pollution

Earlier, farmers in 12 villages fought against the government company over lignite and land acquisition.

Heavy pollution is spreading for 25 kilometers. Nothing is harvested on the farm. Fine particles of lignite fall on the crops of the fields and hence the plants are destroyed. Farmers do not grow crops here. Now the movement against pollution has started here which will continue for the next 10 years. The saffron British are persecuting here. Contamination of ground water in Gir and surrounding areas has caused severe damage to agriculture for 5 years. Now that his field and water are deteriorating, he is in a position to fight another battle. People’s health is deteriorating due to bad air and drinking water.

Pollution of irrigation wells and sacks

The number of water-soluble solids (TDS) in the village well is 2,833 mg per liter, while chemical oxygen demand (COD) was 30 mg per liter. It has gone far beyond the set standards.

The entire check dam is polluted

Water samples taken from the Czech dam in the premises of the GPCB sample lignite plant have TDS of 3,140 mg per liter, COD 489 mg per liter, and organic oxygen demand (BOD) 61 mg per liter. GSECL discharges wastewater into the check dam. Which is a felony. Clearly, pollutants enter and pollute the groundwater of nearby rural areas.

Polluted water released into the open

The GPCB sample revealed that the TDS in the open flow channel was 2068 mg a liter, COD 837 mg a liter and BOD 107 mg A liter. The water carried to the check dams in the channel is released into the plant without being purified. Which is ruining the farmers.

For 25 years, farmers have not heard from BJP’s Vijay Rupani, Anandiben Patel and Narendra Modi’s government.